Recently released report not only validates pro-lifers – it uncovers something the pro-abortion Left never wanted you to know

Photo by Alex Hockett from Unsplash

In the battleground for life, pro-life pregnancy centers are emerging as beacons of hope and practical support. 

While pro-lifers have always known the good these centers can do, it’s validating to be backed up by statistics. 

And this recent report is uncovering what the pro-abortion Left doesn’t want you to know.

A recent survey titled “Hope for a New Generation” sheds light on the incredible impact they have on communities across the nation. 

Collaborating with Heartbeat International, Care Net, and the National Institute of Family and Life Advocates, the Charlotte Lozier Institute documented the extensive range of services provided by over 2,750 pro-life pregnancy centers to more than 16 million clients in 2022.

The survey, a part of the A Legacy of LIFE & LOVE Report Series, reveals staggering numbers that attest to the invaluable role these centers play. 

Clients overwhelmingly expressed satisfaction, with a remarkable 97.4% reporting positive experiences. 

This contrasts sharply with what one might expect from abortion providers, highlighting the stark difference in approach and impact.

Now, let’s talk numbers, the language that speaks volumes. 

In a single year, these centers contributed:

  1. Nearly $151 Million in Ultrasound-Related Care: Empowering women with the visual reality of their unborn children, fostering a deeper connection between mothers and their babies.
  2. Over $75 Million in Parenting Education Programs: Equipping parents with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the challenges of raising a child.
  3. Over $3 Million in Sexual Risk Avoidance Education: Investing in the youth, promoting values that encourage responsible choices and healthy relationships.
  4. Over $40 Million in Diapers: Providing practical assistance for new parents, alleviating the financial strain of essential baby supplies.
  5. $6 Million Worth of Baby Formula: Ensuring that infants receive proper nutrition, supporting families in their journey of parenthood.
  6. Well Over $7 Million in New Car Seats, Cribs, and Strollers: Enhancing safety and comfort for newborns, demonstrating a commitment to comprehensive care.

Additionally, these centers extend their impact through essential services such as abortion pill reversal, STD testing and treatment, abortion trauma recovery, and aiding victims of human trafficking. 

The cumulative value of these services reached a staggering $358 million in a single twelve-month period.

Remarkably, this significant impact is achieved with a volunteer workforce comprising 71.8% of the total. 

In stark contrast, imagine Planned Parenthood, a titan in the abortion industry, facing a similar scrutiny of its client satisfaction and service value.

At a time when pro-life pregnancy centers are facing unprecedented attacks from various government levels, this survey serves as a powerful tool to spotlight their importance. 

These centers are more than just entities offering alternatives to abortion; they are community pillars, saving taxpayer money by shouldering the burden of crucial services that would otherwise fall on public resources.

In the face of relentless attacks on pro-life pregnancy centers, it’s time for a collective stand. 

These centers are not “fake and fraudulent” clinics, as some critics claim; they are vital contributors to the well-being of countless families and unborn lives. 

As they continue to face opposition from pro-abortion forces, it becomes even more crucial to celebrate, appreciate, and defend the invaluable work of these pro-life gems in our communities. 

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