Republican legislators in this state just voted almost unanimously to continue taxpayer-funded abortions

The GOP is continuing its selling out of babies’ lives for false political advantage.

And Democrats are taking full advantage of the GOP’s continued pro-abortion actions.

That’s why when Democrats in this state forced a vote on a solid pro-life bill, Republican legislators voted almost unanimously to continue taxpayer-funded abortions.

Last year, Republicans had a majority in the Virginia House of Delegates, and claimed they couldn’t force votes on good pro-life bills.

Killing pro-life legislation and babies

Then, after the disastrous 2023 elections in which Republicans largely followed RINO Governor Glenn Youngkin’s pro-abortion plan, the Democrats took control.

And they quickly showed what most pro-life advocates in the Commonwealth already knew – that you can force roll call votes on pro-life bills.

That’s because the Democrats did just that and forced a vote on Delegate Tim Griffin’s (R-Bedford) common sense bill that would have ended taxpayer funding of abortions.

And in a disgusting move, Republicans voted almost unanimously to kill the bill, proving they don’t care about saving babies or even about fiscal responsibility.

The result was, after a heated floor debate, the House of Delegates killed the moderate proposal that would have cut off public funding for abortions in Virginia.

The final vote was 95-1, with two abstentions and two absences. 

The lone yes vote came from Delegate Tommy Wright (R-Lunenburg). 

Abstaining were Delegate Chris Runion (R-Rockingham) and Delegate Mark Earley Jr. (R-Henrico). 

That means Griffin voted against his own bill.

It is also worth noting that Earley has been portrayed as one of the most solid pro-life members of the legislature, but still abstained on the vote.

Democrats prove once again that the GOP is unable to keep its promises

This vote and the theatre surrounding it showed yet again that when it come to life, the GOP is no better than the pro-abortion mill lobby.

Griffin had introduced two pro-life bills.

The first, which would have banned all abortions in Virginia was defeated in committee.

But then, in a political maneuver, Democrats passed his bill, HB 404, that would ban taxpayer funding of abortions.

The Democrat goal was to force Republicans to go on the record on the bill in hopes they could use it against them.

Instead, Republicans voted en masse against their own bill, showing pro-life activists where they really stand.

“This bill codifies language that says taxpayers’ money must not be used towards abortions,” Griffin said on the House floor. 

Surprisingly, Griffin never spoke in favor of his bill during the committee meeting.

And when the final floor vote came, the Republicans yet again sold out the life issue.

Unfortunately, the final vote shows that in the Virginia House of Delegates there is only one actual pro-life legislator.

No wonder pro-life voters stayed home in droves last year after Youngkin’s fatally flawed move to moderate on the issue.

The GOP should learn from this lesson and change course if they hope to avoid a disastrous 2024 election.

But it is doubtful that will happen as the Republican Party has long been known as “the stupid party.” 

Pro-Life Press will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.