Republicans can win on the Pro-Life issue if they simply follow this solid advice

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Democrats continue to push their radical pro-abortion position on Americans.

Yet many in the GOP are afraid to engage on the issue.

But Republicans can win on the Pro-Life issue if they simply follow this solid advice.

RINO South Carolina Congresswoman Nancy Mace has become the face of the pro-abortion GOP.

The Pro-Life platform is a winning one

What Mace and the rest of the pro-abortion Republicans fail to understand is that the Pro-Life position is a winning issue, if done right.

And Kristan Hawkins, President of Students for Life Action, has some sound advice for Republicans who want to go all Nancy Mace on the issue.

Simply put – don’t. 

In post-Roe America, the supposed Pro-Life party has a shot at a touchdown but is playing ball control offense instead. 

Instead of throwing it down field for preborn babies and women with Roe now overturned, some of the biggest players in the GOP are accepting an early defeat in the first quarter. 

SFLAction’s Hawkins, who also hosts the “Explicitly Pro-Life Podcast,” wrote about this in an op-ed in The Hill entitled, “Abortion doesn’t need to be a losing issue for Republicans. Here’s what they should say.” 

Hawkins makes the point that the Pro-Life position is a winning position that shouldn’t be avoided by political leaders.

As Hawkins wrote, “Not only has the Pro-Life position historically provided more voter enthusiasm, it remains a core distinction between the two parties, for those with the skill and fearlessness to make the case. Here’s how they can do so: When asked about abortion, articulate a clear vision.” 

Fighting back against pro-abortion extremism

Hawkins went on to lay out a clear path for Pro-Life leaders on how to address pro-abortion extremism.

She also showed how to unite in a clear and concise messaging battle against the radical Left, something that has been sorely lacking among GOP consultants, candidates, and elected officials.

Republicans continue to fight over Pro-Life legislation (in fact, in most states it is Republicans who kill these Pro-Life bills).

While they claim to be the Pro-Life party, too many in the GOP are of the Nancy Mace mindset of agreeing to kill most of the babies for short-term political gain.

Meanwhile the Left, and the Democrats, are very united in their pro-death, pro-abortion platform. 

In fact, they are so united they are pushing for legislation to allow abortions up to and even after birth, for any reason at all, and – of course – all funded by your taxpayer dollars.

The Left has been largely successful in their efforts because of the GOP’s continual selling out on the issue.

Exposing the radical Democrat pro-abortion position

“The contrast between a party trying to support mothers and their children (born and preborn) and a party that celebrates abortion all the way to infanticide is extreme. Ask your opponent, “Is there any abortion you wouldn’t welcome,” Hawkins added.  

Protecting life in both law and in service, while opposing abortion, is a winning position. 

Hawkins pointed out that every state legislator who championed SFLAction-inspired Pro-Life bills was reelected last year.

These bills include things like prohibiting Chemical Abortion, Heartbeat Abortion Prevention Acts, and even six-week bans. 

These legislators show the way on the vital issue of life.

If only the GOP will stop following the Nancy Maces of the world and stick to principles.

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