Residents of Beverly Hills just proved even they can’t stomach late term abortions with this shocking move

Photo by David Vives from Unsplash

One of the most notorious abortion clinics from the east coast is trying to move west. 

But it’s not proving as easy as they had hoped. 

And the residents of Beverly Hills just proved even they can’t stomach late term abortions with this shocking move.

In a dramatic legal showdown, the DuPont Clinic, a Washington D.C.-based abortion facility, has launched a lawsuit against Beverly Hills, claiming that its new lease for a future location in the city was unjustly revoked. 

The controversy involves allegations of pro-life pressure influencing the decision, city officials’ role, and safety concerns surrounding the abortion business.

The DuPont Clinic’s legal action targets key figures, including Beverly Hills Mayor Julian Gold, City Manager Nancy Hunt-Coffey, Deputy City Manager Keith Sterling, City Attorney Laurence Weiner, and Chief of Police Mark Stainbrook. 

The clinic contends that the city and the building’s landlord, Douglas Emmett Inc., succumbed to pressure from pro-life activists, ultimately sabotaging its plans.

Beverly Hills, however, refutes these claims, maintaining that the city played no part in the lease revocation. 

City officials assert that their role is to process permits for any business wishing to establish itself in Beverly Hills, emphasizing the city’s support for reproductive health services while upholding an individual’s right to choose.

The city presented a detailed timeline of events leading to the landlord’s decision not to proceed with the DuPont Clinic’s lease. 

In April 2023, Beverly Hills City Attorney Larry Wiener reviewed the clinic’s website language, identifying potential conflicts with California abortion laws. 

Permit issues related to medical gas and asbestos abatement certification were also noted, alongside safety concerns raised by the Beverly Hills Police Department (BHPD) and involvement from the FBI.

In May, the BHPD issued a public safety notice to building tenants regarding anticipated activities at the clinic. 

On June 12, 2023, the landlord communicated its decision to revoke the lease after a safety walkthrough with the BHPD and the FBI on June 5.

A crucial revelation emerged in a letter from the landlord’s attorney to the abortion business, stating, “Neither the Tenant nor its broker… disclosed that the primary focus of Tenant’s practice would be providing abortions for abnormal and high-risk pregnancies, including what are commonly referred to as late-term abortions.” 

The letter also highlighted that the Washington D.C. clinic had been a target of ongoing protests and disturbances, raising concerns about potential interference with other tenants in the Beverly Hills building.

The legal clash comes against the backdrop of the June 2022 ruling in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, a landmark decision overturning Roe v. Wade

During this time, Beverly Hills City Hall was illuminated in pink, signaling the city’s staunch support for abortion. 

City council members unanimously endorsed a resolution favoring abortion on demand throughout pregnancy.

The DuPont Clinic’s attorney argued, “Beverly Hills really advertised itself as a place that was safe for abortion care. And Douglas Emmett, the landlord, was fully supportive of this mission.” 

However, the safety concerns surrounding the clinic’s building emerged as the critical factor leading to the landlord’s withdrawal from the lease agreement.

As this saga unfolds, pro-lifers continue to rejoice each day that this dangerous clinic is unable to open its doors in California. 

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