RINO Governor made a major move to shield the abortion industry while leaving babies to die

Royalbroil, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Another spineless Republican Governor exerted his power – except he gave cover to the bad guys.

Instead of protecting unborn babies, this out-of-touch governor signed a new law shielding the abortion industry and their LGBT buddies.

And now more babies are left to die thanks to a sellout Governor’s latest move. 

1st in the nation “shield bills” give cover to the abortion industry

Republican Governor Phil Scott let the nation know Vermont abortion providers are safe in his state.

He gleefully signed both a pro-abortion and transgender bill into law, which protects access to abortion drugs – even if the FDA withdraws approval of the deadly and dangerous drug.

Scott’s signature ensured abortion providers and other pro-LGBT doctors can pass out abortion drugs to women and provide “transgender” health services without facing discipline.

On his official website, Scott boasted about exercising his power to allow abortion drugs to flow through Vermont stating “Today, we reaffirm once again that Vermont stands on the side of privacy, personal autonomy and reproductive liberty, and that providers are free to practice without fear.”

Unintended consequences are sure to follow

Of course, Scott doesn’t care about shielding unborn babies from dying.

He’s not concerned with protecting pregnant moms from forceful doctors who instill fear by telling them abortion is their only hope.

And although women are experiencing consequences from taking the abortion drug – all Scott cares about is scoring up political favors with moderates and pro-abortion voters so he can get reelected.

But as more and more women report consequences from popping these deadly drugs to abort their babies – Scott’s latest move could backfire in a major way.

Abortion groups are fighting tooth-and-nail to protect their abortion pills

Those who want abortion-on-demand know they need to keep the abortion pills flowing.

Pro-abortion groups like NARAL realize the entire abortion industry could be shattered if women can no longer use pharmaceuticals to kill their babies. 

Speaking to the court’s involvement in deciding the future of the abortion drug mifepristone, NARAL President Mini Timmaraju said “As this case continues, safe and effective medication abortion with mifepristone in all 50 states remains in peril. The Supreme Court knows that siding with extreme Trump judges to restrict medication abortion will ignite the biggest political firestorm since Roe v. Wade was overturned.”

The only “extreme” thing in this situation is using a dangerous and deadly drug to end the life of an unborn baby.

But Timmaraju got one thing right . . .

. . . if she thinks her pro-abortion base is fired up – she’s underestimating the grit and determination of the Pro-Life movement to end abortion once and for all.

Threats and scare tactics of the Left don’t intimidate Pro-Lifers . . .

. . . if anything they motivate those committed to life to continue the battle for life wherever it lands – from the states – to the courts – all the way to the top.

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