RINO Nikki Haley stabbed Pro-Lifers in the back yet again with her latest anti-life move

Glenn Youngkin, PDM-owner, via Wikimedia Commons

Nikki Haley calls herself a conservative, but her continued assault on the Pro-Life movement paints a different picture.

President Joe Biden is determined to have the military pay for abortions – and Nikki Haley is helping him succeed.

And when a conservative Senator was determined to stop Biden, Haley’s response stabbed Pro-Lifers in the back yet again.

Whose side is Nikki Haley on?

Nikki Haley portrays herself as a “conservative,” but nothing could be further from the truth.

She’s said no to a federal abortion ban claiming it was “unrealistic.”

Unrealistic to who?

Some thought it was “unrealistic” to ever overturn Roe v. Wade too . . .

. . . yet here we are today.

During her promised “Pro-Life” speech – Haley gave no specifics except stating, “We have to face this reality. The Pro-Life laws that have passed in strongly Republican states will not be approved at the federal level.”

Haley’s weak stance for life is another reason she should never be near the White House.

Haley backs Biden

And just when you thought Haley couldn’t dig her political grave any deeper – she strikes again.

When Republican Senator Tommy Tuberville put all Department of Defense (DOD) nominees on hold until Biden agreed to stop pushing the military to fund abortions – Pro-Lifers applauded.

But not Nikki Haley.

Instead, she criticized Tuberville’s courageous act.

“This just goes to show how messed up our country is,” Haley said during an interview with Hugh Hewitt.

“I mean, you look at the fact that the Department of Defense shouldn’t be doing this in the first place. But there’s got to be other ways to go about doing this,” Haley added.

She continued on her rant – claiming she “appreciated” what Tuberville was trying to do but that it wasn’t the right call.

“And you know, I appreciate what Tuberville’s trying to do. I do. Like it’s totally wrong that the Department of Defense is doing this. But have we gotten so low that this is how we have to go about stopping it?” Haley continued.

So low?

What’s low is Biden using the DOD to pay for the killing of unborn babies and making decisions he’s not authorized to make.

But Haley is more concerned with seeming “reasonable” to appeal to moderates instead of standing with Pro-Lifers.

Tuberville made the right call

Tuberville warned last year he would do this if Biden proceeded and said, “I warned them ‘if you do this, I will hold up every nomination, civilian and flagship officer until you explain to me or retract this policy,'” Just The News reported.

“The one thing a Senator can do is stop the wheel from turning, and I hate to do it. But they are not allowed, according to the Constitution, to change this law themselves without running it through Congress,” Tuberville continued.

And his state party backs him 100 percent.

In a resolution, the Alabama Republican Party wrote, “The Alabama Republican Party calls on the Biden administration to reverse the policy of using taxpayer money to fund abortion-related expenses against the will of the people and thanks Senator Tommy Tuberville for his stand against this flawed policy.”

America needs leaders willing to stop Biden . . .

. . . not weak-kneed “conservatives” like Nikki Haley who do Biden’s bidding.

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