RINO Senate candidate and former Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan just lost the pro-life vote with one statement

Larry Hogan wanted to be President.

But when that disastrous and brief run failed, he turned his sights to a U.S. Senate seat.

But the RINO Senate candidate and former Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan just lost the pro-life vote with one statement.

Former Maryland Governor Larry Hogan is a well-known, much-despised, RINO, never-Trump failed presidential candidate.

Hogan makes his pro-abortion stance crystal clear

Hogan, who is now running to represent Maryland in the U.S. Senate, says he’s a moderate looking for so-called “common ground.”

And he once again made his pro-abortion position crystal clear in a recent interview with CNN.

Hogan told CNN that he absolutely will not support a national abortion ban. 

He even made sure everyone knew how important his pro-abortion views are by making the comments in his very first interview since he announced his Senate candidacy.

“I’m personally not a proponent of abortion but I’m not going to take away the rights for others to make that decision for themselves,” Hogan said. 

He went on to explain his “compromise position” on life by saying, “I’m not on either side of the extreme of that issue. I stood up for people to continue to have the right to an abortion in the state of Maryland.”

“No, I would not vote to support a national abortion ban,” Hogan continued.

Hogan of course either doesn’t understand, or doesn’t care, that his position is responsible for millions of deaths of babies in the country.

Hogan’s compromising won him no friends in the pro-abortion lobby

Hogan also said he opposed a ballot initiative in Maryland to enshrine abortion-on-demand in the state’s constitution.

“There’s no threats to the protection of these rights in Maryland,” Hogan said. “It’s already a law, voters have already weighed in on it. I think the Democrats put this on the ballot to try to make it a political issue. Voters can make their decision on whether it’s important or not but it’s not going to change anything in our state.”

Hogan’s attempt at riding the rail on life was immediately attacked by current Maryland Governor Wes Moore.

Moore commented on Hogan’s statement while also bragging about his $3.5 million in taxpayer funding for abortion-on-demand, and another $15.6 million to improve access to abortion care in Maryland.

“Anyone who thinks that there is no threat to women’s reproductive rights and abortion access is delusional,” Moore said about Hogan’s statement. “We saw the Supreme Court dismantle decades of precedent overnight, and Republicans continue to roll back these protections and stand by as women’s reproductive rights are attacked across the country.” 

“As long as I am the Governor of Maryland we will continue to do everything in our power to ensure that our home remains a safe haven for abortion and reproductive health care access,” Moore added. “This November Marylanders will go to the ballot box to protect those rights by enshrining them in the state’s constitution.”

Larry Hogan is proving yet again that the RINO pro-abortion part of the GOP just doesn’t care about saving lives, or about winning.

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