RINO Virginia Attorney General Miyares just defended this ghastly abortion procedure

Martin Kraft, CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Jason Miyares wants to be the next Governor of Virginia.

But he just took a huge step in the wrong direction, proving he doesn’t have what it takes.

That’s because RINO Virginia Attorney General Miyares just defended this ghastly abortion procedure.

The battle of chemical abortion is quickly becoming the number one fight in the right to life wars.

Refusing to fight for those who can’t fight on their own

Virginia Attorney General Jason Miyares is a well-known RINO.

But he has claimed to be Pro-Life, but he just proved once again that his claim is totally unfounded by saying he won’t do anything.

Miyares, in an interview with the Associated Press (AP), just defended his unconscionable decision refuse to join a lawsuit challenging the approval of the chemical abortion drug mifepristone.

He took this pro-abortion action even though most of his Republican Attorney General counterparts across the nation support the lawsuit.

Miyares told the AP he decided not to sign onto the amicus brief with 22 other Republican Attorneys General earlier this year because he had concerns about standing to sue.

In other words, he was too afraid to act, and is willing to sacrifice the lives of babies to the FDA.

Miyares even said in a statement to the AP that he recognizes the Food and Drug Administration regulates the chemical abortion drug and “has for many years.”

In a complete slap in the face to his base of Pro-Life activists, Miyares told the AP, “Those regulations remain operative. I’ve taken no action regarding mifepristone.”

Instead, Miyares squishes out

Rather than take action that could actually save babies and mothers from the horrors of chemical abortion, Miyares instead said he supports RINO Governor Glenn Youngkin’s call for a 15-week abortion ban.

Since more than 93% of all abortions take place before the 15th week, this plan is a laughable attempt at buying off access-based “Pro-Life” groups.

While saving 7% of babies from the abortion mills is arguably better than nothing, it is the bare minimum any Republican can do, and should not be applauded.

“I agree with the Governor,” Miyares told the AP. “I think particularly in . . . a swing state like Virginia, that it’s important to try to find consensus. I think that’s what the Governor is trying to do.”

So the elected top cop in Virginia is saying he wants a consensus on the murder of children.

Nothing new for RINO Miyares

Of course, Pro-Life activists should not be surprised by Miyares refusing to use his office to stop the murder of innocent children.

Miyares has always attempted to be a moderate conservative on the issue of life.

He is a former member of the House of Delegates from Virginia Beach and as such had a mixed record on a number of conservative issues.

Miyares, who is in his first term as Virginia’s Attorney General, is consistently mentioned as a potential candidate for Governor in 2025.

While his likely opponent, Virginia Lt. Governor and fellow Republican Winsome Earle-Sears is at least giving lip service to Pro-Life activists in the party, Miyares seems to have decided he is going full RINO.

And babies and mothers are suffering for it.

Pro-Life Press will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.