Rolling Stone released an outrageous hit-piece that puts every Pro-Lifer in danger

The abortion lobby is determined to silence Pro-Lifers for good.

They’ve even resorted to creating an angry mob to carry out their anti-life agenda. 

And now, Rolling Stone just released an outrageous hit-piece that puts every Pro-Lifer in danger. 

Violence against Pro-Lifers

Under the Biden administration, Pro-Lifers are labeled as domestic terrorists.

The world looked on in horror as peaceful Pro-Lifers were sentenced to prison simply for exercising their right to peaceful civil disobedience.

Other cities have silenced Pro-Lifers with “buffer zones” banning them from even praying outside of abortion clinics.

But despite the real and present attack against Pro-Lifers . . . 

. . . the abortion lobby is spinning a different narrative.

And a recent hit-piece outlines just how dangerous they’ve made life for Pro-Lifers.

Rolling in the lies 

Rolling Stone recently posted a piece discussing “America after Roe” . . .

. . . except instead of encouraging their base to stop targeting Pro-Lifers – they did just the opposite.

According to Rolling Stone – they claim the real violence is happening against abortion providers.


The article went on to praise the abortion vigilantes for standing “firm” against all the “violent” Pro-Lifers who are “interfering” with women seeking to kill their babies.

As if a peaceful grandmother praying for a woman getting an abortion is somehow “violent.”

To deal with Pro-Lifers, Rolling Stone reports, “Pro-choice activists, spearheaded by Black female leaders and queer-rights groups, quickly moved to defense, staging distractions in front of clinics, targeting demonstrators, and even taking punches meant for providers.”

Of course, Rolling Stone failed to mention the series of attacks against Pro-Lifers by abortionists themselves . . . 

. . . with one even running over a Pro-Lifer with his car! 

Pro-Lifers never condone violence.

They are not the ones damaging private property by spraying graffiti on buildings . . . 

. . . or fire-bombing places like violent pro-aborts are doing to crisis pregnancy centers.

Shielding the real enemy 

Rolling Stone had a chance to encourage their base to stop attacking Pro-Lifers, and to let them peacefully defend life.

Instead, they spread a false narrative claiming it is Pro-Lifers who are the violent ones . . . 

. . . continuing to stir up hate and rage against them by radical pro-abortion activists. 

But instead of telling the real story, Rolling Stone refers to Pro-Lifers as “antagonists” and violent pro-aborts as “clinic defense groups.”

The Left knows words matter – and often times they do a better job at framing the argument than conservatives do.

But make no mistake – Pro-Lifers are not the problem.

The brave heroes peacefully standing outside of abortion clinics are saving lives through prayer and conversations.

Pro-abortion activists know it, and that’s why they are doing everything they can to label Pro-Lifers as the enemy – and lock them up again if they can.

Now more than ever, Pro-Lifers must continue to boldly stand for life and not back down due to the threats of the radical Left. 

Pro-Life Press will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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