Ron DeSantis blew the lid on one scheme the Abortion Lobby is using to trick voters in Florida

Ron DeSantis signed a bill last year making abortions illegal in Florida after six weeks of pregnancy.

But left-wing groups successfully placed an initiative to codify abortion into state law on the ballot in Florida. 

And Ron DeSantis just blew the lid on one scheme the Abortion Lobby is using to trick voters in Florida.

After the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade and sent the issue of abortion back to the states, Governor Ron DeSantis did not waste time protecting the sanctity of life in Florida.

DeSantis signed the Heartbeat Protection Act into law that banned abortions after the sixth week of gestation.

But left-wing groups were able to garner the required number of signatures needed to place an initiative on the ballot this fall to codify abortion-on-demand into state law.

The initiative needs 60% support from voters to pass and become law.

DeSantis has called on Floridians to vote against the abortion ballot initiative and recently pointed out some of the deception being used by the Left.

At a press conference on Wednesday, a reporter claimed that the initiative would not change Florida’s parental consent law for a minor to have an abortion.

“The measure reads – this amendment does not require the change of parental notification [for abortion],” a reporter began, before DeSantis interjected with “that’s not consent – exactly, you made the point!” 

“How deceptive is that?” DeSantis added.

“A parent needs to provide a notarized letter to the physician,” the reporter fired back.

“There’s a difference between consent and notification,” DeSantis said. “Notification is after the fact,” he continued. “The consent is obviously a condition precedent.” 

DeSantis said that “they did that because they know going after parents’ rights is a vulnerability.”

He then explained how the Abortion Lobby intentionally created deceptive language to trick voters into thinking it would keep parental consent laws on the books.

“They tested this with millions of dollars to try to get people,” DeSantis said. “Don’t be fooled, though – that is severing the parental consent for minors.” 

“It’s written so broadly, to just take out the notification, which is different from consent,” he continued.

“Just vote ‘NO’ on it,” DeSantis added.


DeSantis continues to stand up for the sanctity of life by revealing the deception the Abortion Lobby is using on the ballot initiative this fall.

The initiative requires 60 percent of the vote in order to succeed and make abortion-on-demand the law in Florida.

The latest polls show roughly 57 percent of Floridians currently support the initiative, which is just three percent shy of the required 60 percent.

Over the next several months, the Abortion Lobby will pour tens of millions of dollars into Florida to try and turn out enough voters to pass the threshold and codify abortion into state law.

DeSantis is sounding the alarm on the deception and urging Floridians to vote “no” in November.

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