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Polls show Donald Trump continues to hold a massive lead over the rest of the field in the Republican Presidential Primary.

But there’s still three months left until the January 15 Iowa Caucus.

And Ron DeSantis just called out Donald Trump in Iowa and the reason why will leave you speechless.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis recently placed all of his chips on winning the January 15 Iowa Caucus.

The overwhelming majority of GOP caucus goers are Pro-Life evangelicals.

Even though Donald Trump is leading in Iowa, Ron DeSantis is hoping his Pro-Life record will help him gain ground on the former President.

During a recent trip to Iowa, DeSantis made a rare campaign stop at the Cornerstone Pregnancy Resource Center in Storm Lake.

“Staff at Cornerstone said they’ve never had a high-profile visitor like DeSantis, who swept into the office with a fleet of reporters and campaign staff,” the Des Moines Register reported. “Cornerstone Executive Director Misty Ried gave the Florida governor, his wife, Casey, and their kids a brief tour of the facility.”

DeSantis praised the staff at Cornerstone and thanked them for their “really good work.”

“I think what they’re doing is really good work,” DeSantis said.

When it comes to Ron DeSantis, actions speak louder than words.

And the Florida Governor’s actions prove how serious he is about saving the lives of precious unborn babies.

During his visit to Cornerstone, DeSantis highlighted his record of leadership in Florida on issues that are important to evangelical voters in Iowa.

“I’m a leader that’s delivered results on the issues that they care about,” he said. “I’m somebody that has a strong foundation of faith in God, that gives me strength as a leader.”

“We’ve delivered on things from school choice to heartbeat bill, you name it,” DeSantis continued. “The things that have mattered for a lot of people, but particularly that are resonant with evangelicals.”

DeSantis also admitted that he’s open to the idea of providing federal funding for pregnancy resources, telling reporters that “it would depend on the circumstances, but I definitely think this is a worthy cause.”

But DeSantis also had a warning for the Pro-Life community about Donald Trump.

Of course, Donald Trump appointed the Supreme Court Justices that overturned Roe v. Wade.

But today Trump is singing a different tune on abortion.

While Ron DeSantis is vocal about his opposition to abortion, Donald Trump recently called legislation that bans abortions after six weeks a “terrible idea.”

DeSantis blasted Trump for stabbing the Pro-Life community in the back and warned evangelicals that the Left would use his words against them.

“When he says that pro-life protections are terrible, that’s going to be weaponized in every state in this country who proposes to do pro-life protections,” DeSantis said. “Trump is going to be used by the Left to try to say that those protections are a terrible thing.”

Donald Trump threw the Pro-Life community under the bus.

And Ron DeSantis is hoping to make Donald Trump pay for it on January 15.

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