Ron DeSantis just signed one major Pro-Life bill into law that changes everything

Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

For far too long, Florida has been known as the “abortion tourism” state.

But things have changed drastically in the Sunshine State.

And Ron DeSantis just signed one major Pro-Life bill into law that changes everything.

Governor Ron DeSantis just kicked off a political trip to Liberty University, Washington, D.C., and New Hampshire that many believe is the precursor to his announcement he’s running for President.

But even more telling, just before he left on his trip DeSantis signed into law a bill in Florida that has Pro-Lifers cheering.

The heartbeat of America

DeSantis signed into law the “Heartbeat Protection Act,” which bans most abortions in the state after six weeks of pregnancy when a heartbeat can first be detected.

The new law bans abortions after six weeks of pregnancy but does allow some exceptions for victims of rape and incest. 

The law states that abortions for these women can be sought up to 15 weeks into pregnancy, if a woman has documentation related to the incidents, such as a police report or restraining order.

While the bill was passed by the legislature and signed into law by Governor DeSantis, its status depends on an ongoing case before the Florida State Supreme Court, which is set to rule on a 15 week ban enacted last year.

DeSantis is setting the standard for the GOP.  But will they follow?

Pro-Life activists were thrilled by Desantis’ signing of the 6-week ban.

Students For Life Action President Kristan Hawkins thanked the Florida Governor, tweeting, “Florida will no longer be the fifth highest abortion state in the nation thanks to the Heartbeat Protection Act. Thank you @GovRonDeSantis for having the courage to do the right thing. You are setting the standard for GOP and they should follow your lead.”

And Live Action founder and Pro-Life activist Lila Rose also praised DeSantis’ move. 

She tweeted, “BREAKING: @RonDeSantisFL has signed a bill protecting most preborn children 6 weeks gestational age and older from the violence of abortion! This is a big win for Florida and the nation. The next step is completely ending abortion and protecting all of Florida’s children.”

Pro-Life activist Abby Johnson said DeSantis signing the bill into law is “one step closer to protecting children from the moment of conception just like they deserve.”

The conservative legal organization Alliance Defending Freedom weighed in as well, writing, “By enacting the Heartbeat Protection Act, Florida is continuing its work to protect the health of pregnant mothers, the dignity of the unborn, and the integrity of the medical profession.  We commend @GovRonDeSantis for taking a stand to preserve life.”

Shoring up the Pro-Life base before an announcement?

While leftists and pro-abortion activists were furious over the signing by DeSantis, there is no doubt he not only just potentially saved hundreds of thousands of lives, but also shored up his support among the Pro-Life community.

And Pro-Lifers are vital to any Republican receiving the GOP nomination for President.

As Students for Life Action’s Vice President of Political Affairs & Operations Dustin Curtis put it, “Passing this bill is not only a win for the preborn, but it’s a win against the misleading rhetoric championed by the establishment and consulting class that shies away from abortion as they deem it a losing issue. Pro-Life candidates CAN pass life-saving laws and win; we’re proud to work with unapologetic leaders who take on the life issue with courage and boldness for the most vulnerable among us.”

Now the question is, will the GOP do the right thing or follow RINOs like South Carolina Congresswoman Nancy Mace into the pro-abortion void?

Pro-Life Press will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.