Ron DeSantis showed faith leaders the one way to stop the abortion referendum from passing

Florida is one of the five states that currently have an abortion initiative on the ballot this fall.

The initiative needs the approval of at least 60% of voters to become state law.

And Ron DeSantis showed faith leaders the one way to stop the abortion referendum from passing.

Joe Biden and the Democrats are spending hundreds of millions of dollars to make abortion one of the top issues of the November elections.

With zero accomplishments to show voters and a senile nominee, Democrats have no other choice than to try and make the election be a referendum on abortion.

One of the ways Democrats plan to make this happen is through state ballot initiatives that make abortion the law of the land.

Abortion-on-demand has won on every ballot initiative since the Dobbs decision in 2022. 

Democrats have already successfully placed abortion on the ballot in five states.

In Florida, voters will decide on an initiative that would codify abortion-on-demand into state law.

This would end the heartbeat bill signed into law last year by Governor Ron DeSantis.

The initiative must win the approval of at least 60% of the vote in order to pass.

During an event last week with faith leaders, Ron DeSantis spoke about the importance of defeating the abortion initiative this fall.

“Because all of the Southeast has various forms of pro-life legislation, Florida would become the abortion mecca of this region, and maybe one of the abortion meccas of the entire world because it would be one of the most liberal abortion regimes,” DeSantis said. “I think this really requires everybody of faith to want to be involved in defeating what they put on this ballot.”

The initiative would allow abortions to be performed until a non-definable time which can easily be abused by abortion providers.

“This amendment is written maybe more liberal than New York and California, but you would basically have a cottage industry where people would be coming into Florida for this purpose,” DeSantis said.

However, he pointed out how the language was specifically written to deceive voters.

“So they do poll testing, they use phrases, and in particular, they want to get people to vote for their amendment who probably substantively disagree with it,” he said. “We’re looking at that, understanding that 60% is a higher threshold, but also understanding that there’s a mount of wind at the backs when you have every media [outlet] supporting Amendment 4 passage, there’s gonna be a lot of money that gets poured in to be able to support Amendment 4’s passage, so we’re in a situation where we’ve gotta fight back against that.”

“One of the things that we have found is that when this is properly understood, it struggles to get 60%,” he continued. “However, the way they wrote the summary, there are people that are pro-life that poll in favor of this because they think it’s a pro-life amendment.”

But DeSantis revealed the one way faith leaders can defeat the abortion initiative.

He told them they must “let people know what’s at stake.”

“It’s obviously about creating a culture of life or walking away from a culture of life,” he said. “It’s also about upholding parental rights or diminishing and eliminating key parental rights.”

“They’re writing this stuff to try and trick people into voting for something that they may not ultimately agree with once it’s put into practice,” DeSantis added. “And the fact that people could read that ballot summary, you have 10 people do it and you probably get 10 different views on what it actually means.” 

Ron DeSantis has emerged as a pro-life hero over the past few years.

And he is stepping up and leading the efforts to stop Democrats from turning Florida into an abortion-on-demand state.

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