Ron DeSantis told the story of an abortion survivor leftist media pundits desperately tried to discredit

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

During the Republican Presidential debate – Ron DeSantis mentioned an abortion survivor named Penny.

Immediately, the abortion lobby went into a full-blown panic.

But Ron DeSantis boldly told the truth about an abortion survivor leftist media pundits desperately tried to discredit.

Abortion survivors ruin their narrative

The abortion lobby markets abortion as something “fun” and “light”.

They lie to women telling them it’s “not really a baby” but simply their choice to eliminate a “clump of cells”.

Abortion is designed to end the life of an unborn baby . . . 

. . . but when babies survive botched abortion attempts – pro-aborts don’t know what to do.

Many leave the baby to die, sometimes not even telling the mother the baby survived.

Abortion-advocates like Kamala Harris support this, as Harris previously voted against saving babies who survived botched abortions. 

But a baby who survived a botched abortion AND goes on to tell the truth behind their abortion story is the abortion lobby’s worst nightmare.

Penny survived the attempted hit on her life

During the Republican Presidential debate, Ron DeSantis referenced a lady named Penny who had survived an abortion.

“I know a lady in Florida named Penny,” DeSantis said. 

“She survived multiple abortion attempts. She was left discarded in a pan. Fortunately, her grandmother saved her and brought her to a different hospital.”

So who is Penny?

And was her story real?

While the leftist media hoped her story was fake – as they looked into it – they found out Penny is real, and her story was true.

Leftist media pundits try to downplay the botched abortion 

Despite Penny’s story being true, the abortion lobby still attempted to “soften” and manipulate the facts to fit their pro-abortion narrative.

Some flat-out denied the story was even true.

Former GOP consultant Steve Schmidt posted on X “The story of Penny found in the pan by DeSantis is ludicrous, and obviously untrue. It should be looked into by the media.”

Another liberal journalist Jill Filipovic chirped in the debate stating “I understand that politicians lie, but DeSantis’s story about ‘Penny,’ a woman he says survived multiple abortion attempts and was rescued from a pan by her grandmother(????), is just such a bizarre and impossible story, it’s stunning that any human is that gullible,” reported Fox News.

Others claimed since Penny was premature – her chances of surviving back in the 50s were limited and that her doctor thought she was born a stillbirth and didn’t hear a heartbeat.

But Penny tells a different story.

“My answer to that would be the fact that I did exist,” Penny told Fox News

“I existed at 23 weeks. There are thousands of abortion survivors around the world who have stories to tell, who have miraculous stories to tell.”

Leftist media pundits and the abortion lobby can pretend Penny’s story is fake . . . 

. . . but as Penny and other babies like her who survived botched abortions continue to tell their story – there’s nothing that can be done to silence the truth and horror behind abortion.

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