Schoolchildren are being forced to submit to the most horrific curriculum the world has ever seen

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Leftists are determined to corrupt innocent children. 

And now, a dangerous change in a school curriculum is sending shockwaves around the world.

Thanks to a radical new policy, schoolchildren are being forced to submit to the most horrific curriculum the world has ever seen.

Little children taught how to get an abortion

Instead of teaching purity and chastity – schools are obsessed with teaching children all about abortion.

And in Northern Ireland, a radical change to the “Relationships and Sexuality Education” (RSE) curriculum is ramming through the unthinkable.

The new change will not only weave in teaching children all about abortion . . .

. . .  but it will even teach kids how to get an abortion themselves.


It’s unconscionable. 

A fierce attack against parental rights

Parents are the last line of defense between educators and students – and the Left knows it.

In fact, radical leftists know if they are going to get to children – they need to get parents out of the way.

But with the new RSE change – parents are helpless to stop it.

The Catholic Schools Trustee Service represents the Catholic family of schools in Northern Ireland and they were furious once they heard about the new curriculum change.

In a statement they said the legislation “potentially imposes a specific ideological view of abortion and the prevention of early pregnancy which directly challenges the rights of Catholic schools to offer a faith-based worldview on such matters,” reported LifeSite News

Chairman of the Catholic Schools Trustee Service Bishop Donal McKeown had a few choice words to say too. 

“There is no ethically neutral or value free approach to the question of when human life begins.,” McKeown said.

He continued “The expectation that schools should become engaged in the delivery of an allegedly neutral curriculum which highlights access to abortion shows no understanding of the foundational principles of Catholic education,” LifeSite News reported.

Children are stuck in the middle

But as teachers fight to push a radical pro-abortion agenda, and sane adults try and stop it – children are yet again caught in the middle.

The adults who are supposed to keep kids safe continue to betray them.

And there’s no telling how much psychological trauma children will experience after learning about things like abortion that are not only age inappropriate – but a direct violation of their religion.

But of course – the abortion lobby doesn’t care about protecting the innocence of young children – all they care about is promoting abortion.

Children are simply a causality in the “greater cause” of ramming through abortion.

And the devastating consequences of attacking young and impressionable minds will span throughout future generations to come. 

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