Schoolteacher calls in “sick” to take a “road trip” with a student to this horrifying place

A road trip with a teacher and her student had a shocking ending you won’t believe.

Even worse, the parents were completely in the dark.

And a government schoolteacher called in “sick” to take a “road trip” with a student to this horrifying place.

Playing hooky to kill

Teachers are used to students lying and claiming they are “sick” only to skip school and roam around town.

Except this time, it was the teacher who called in “sick.”

But this New Hampshire teacher wasn’t sick – at least not in the physical sense.

Instead, she used her sick leave to take one of her students to a horrifying place.

As a shocking investigation revealed, the student was pregnant, and scared. 

For weeks, the teacher had been grooming the student to “end her problem.”

And then in a brazen move, the teacher decided to personally help the underage child kill her own baby.

On the highway to hell

The teacher schemed up a brilliant plan – she would call in sick with “food poisoning” and then take the girl to the abortion provider herself.

And that’s exactly what she did.

The pro-abortion teacher had the appointment all booked and ready – and then drove a scared student to kill her baby.

Absolutely horrifying.

The student may have “thought” she was fixing a “problem” . . .

. . . but it’s likely the trauma she will face from ending the life of her unborn baby will haunt her for a lifetime.

Local politicians speak out

Upon learning what happened at a government school, local politicians began to voice their outrage.

State Representative Erica Layon (R-Derry) said, “I am horrified to hear that a teacher in our New Hampshire schools felt the right way to help a pregnant student who felt unsupported in her pregnancy was to research abortion facilities and call out sick to take a student to an abortion rather than to help her speak with her parents and find support from her family,” reported the New Hampshire Journal.

It is truly unconscionable that a government schoolteacher would abuse her position of authority to gain the trust of a scared pregnant teen . . . 

. . . and even go so far as to help her abort her baby behind her parents’ back.

The teacher was fired, but she should be put in prison.

Government school bureaucrats continue to drive wedges between parents and their children – and they must be stopped.

Parents have every right to know what’s happening at their child’s school – especially when it comes to something as serious as a pregnancy.

And for a radical pro-abortion teacher to have the audacity to exploit the vulnerability of a young pregnant child – without parental knowledge – and actually help the pregnant girl kill her baby – reveals the truth that pro-abortion radicals will use any tactics necessary to kill.

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