Sean Hannity just showed his true pro-abortion colors with one shocking statement

Fox News personality Sean Hannity has always claimed to be a strong pro-life conservative.

But like many in the mainstream media, most of his stated views are just part of his act.

And now Sean Hannity just showed his true pro-abortion colors with one shocking statement.

Fox News host Sean Hannity recently exposed himself and his pro-abortion views.

Hannity is happy to allow 94% of all abortions to continue

Hannity warned Republicans against supporting candidates who take consistent and strong pro-life positions, claiming GOP losses in the 2022 midterm elections were a result of being “too pro-life.”

“I would argue, and I think I’m right, in 2022 Republicans were not prepared for how the Democrats would demagogue the issue of abortion,” Hannity said during Fox’s coverage of the Super Tuesday primaries. 

“And I understand people have very strong convictions. However, looking at it strictly from a political point of view, and I believe in the sanctity of life … politically the country is probably where Dobbs was at 15 weeks.”

Of course, just like other corporate media mavens, Hannity is ignoring the fact that a 15-week ban would only stop about 6% of all abortions.

Hardly a pro-life position.

Hannity went on to criticize failed Pennsylvania GOP gubernatorial candidate Doug Mastriano, who held the consistent and correct position of trying to pass a near-total ban on abortion.

“Republicans need to understand that if they pick somebody like they did in ’22 … like other people he made no exceptions, that’s a mistake,” he continued. “They’ve got to have an answer for the millions and millions of dollars that will be spent on ads about abortion.”

Hannity, who claims to be a Trump supporter, said he was “very happy” to see the former president come out in support of in vitro fertilization.

Hannity once again ignores basic facts and the truth

But Hannity ignores the fact that for pro-life activists and voters, the continual sell out on life by the GOP is a death knell for the party.

It is causing pro-life voters to either stay home on Election Day or vote third party.

Meanwhile, GOP candidates who stay solid on life are winning election after election as we just saw in Texas and saw in Virginia in 2023.

In the Virginia elections, those GOP candidates who refused to compromise on the issue won in almost every race, while big losses occurred for the GOP in those races where the Republican candidate took the Glenn Youngkin compromise position on life, lost key races.

This resulted in the Democrats now controlling both houses of the Virginia legislature.

Meanwhile, there are those candidates like North Carolina Lt. Governor Mark Robinson (R) who will be the GOP nominee for the state’s gubernatorial race who have stayed consistent and solid on life. 

In 2020, Robinson said “there is no compromise on abortion.”

Robinson not only won the GOP gubernatorial nomination but is also the strong frontrunner to win in November.

Hannity’s comments are a clear indication that Fox News and its hosts are slipping further and further to the Left, making Fox News just another corporate media giant willing to sell out babies’ lives for their own self-aggrandizement.

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