Sean Hannity sold out Pro-Lifers by adopting this shocking position on abortion

Many conservatives have long questioned Fox News’ Sean Hannity’s real commitment to the issues.

And through the years, Hannity has made several very questionable moves and statements on key issues.

Now Sean Hannity sold out Pro-Lifers by adopting this shocking position on abortion.

Fox News host Sean Hannity has now proposed the Republican Party change its stance on the issue of abortion and become nothing more than the pro-abortion light party.

Babies don’t really matter to Hannity; just optics

Hannity proposed this anti-life pivot after the recent election results in Ohio.

During a recent Hannity show, the once-admired host reacted to Ohio voters rejecting a measure known as Issue 1.

Issue 1 would have changed the threshold for changing that State Constitution to 60% instead of the current simple majority.

As a result, a radical pro-abortion Constitutional Amendment will be easier to get on the Ohio ballot this November. 

Hannity somberly referred to the results as “sobering.”

He then took the opportunity to call for a total sell-out on the issue of life while laughably referring to himself as “Pro-Life.”

“I consider myself Pro-Life. I believe in the sanctity of life,” Hannity began, “but I think politically that there is — Republicans have gotta say as Bill Clinton once said — I never thought I’d quote him — ‘rare,’ ‘legal,’ and I’d add the word[s]: ‘very early in a pregnancy.'”

In other words, Hannity wants the GOP to take the Bill Clinton position on abortion.

It turns out Sean Hannity’s version of Pro-Life favors killing innocent children to wrong-headedly further GOP gains.

I may be wrong; I may be crazy

Hannity was quoting then-President Bill Clinton’s comments back in 1993 when he signed an executive order that attempted to define so-called abortion rights. 

Clinton’s “moderate” executive order included ending the ban on using aborted babies in medical research, suspending the Title X “gag rule,” and allowing the use of military facilities for abortions. 

President Clinton said at the time his hope was that the procedure be “safe, legal, and rare.”

And yet his executive order greatly expanded the murder of the pre-born in the United States.

Hannity seems to believe expanding abortion on demand like Clinton did, is the way to go.

“That seems to be, politically, where the country is,” Hannity said of his new stance on abortion. “Maybe I’m wrong. But we’ll see. That vote in Ohio is pretty, pretty sobering.”

He may be wrong, indeed.  

In fact, Hannity may be simply crazy.

You can’t claim to be Pro-Life and then promote even more killing of children.

Hannity seems to believe it is the correct political position to take and used the Ohio referendum vote as his excuse.

After more than 99% of the Ohio vote was counted, 56.96% voted against a 60% majority for Constitutional Amendments. 

While more than three million people voted in the special election, a record for an election that fell outside of a general or Midterm Election, the real news was the massive amount of money spent by the abortion lobby.

According to some sources, the pro-abortion lobby outspent the Pro-Life forces by as much as 400%.

Kristan Hawkins, President of Students for Life America (SFLA), pointed out in an email to supporters that Republicans were losing abortion fights by engaging in “cut and run politics.”

“The Left went all in on the abortion issue,” she wrote. “And many Republicans once again ran away from it. How often do our ‘allies’ need to see this happen before they learn that waving the white flag doesn’t win battles?”

Clearly, Sean Hannity hasn’t figured that out either.

Pro-Life Press will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story. 



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