Sellout “Pro-Life” Governor betrayed Pro-Lifers and sided with Planned Parenthood

Another RINO Republican sold out Pro-Lifers for political gain and the consequences are deadly. 

Following in the steps of his Democratic predecessor, this sellout Governor guaranteed his state would become the new “safe haven” for sexual predators.

And once you hear how this self-proclaimed “Pro-Life” Governor partnered with Planned Parenthood to knife Pro-Lifers in the back, you’re bound to be outraged. 

Welcome to Nevada, the “safe haven” for abortions on demand

Nevada is a tourist destination, and people from all over the world travel to the Silver State for a taste at life in the fast lane.

After Roe v. Wade was overturned, Democratic Governor Steve Sisolak issued a pro-abortion executive order to protect abortionists in his state.

Republican Governor Joe Lombardo defeated Sisolak in 2022, but instead of reversing his damage he codified Sisolak’s executive order, LifeSiteNews reported.

And thanks to Lombardo who claims to be “Pro-Life,” abortionists now have the freedom to kill babies on demand without facing prosecution.

Claiming to be “Pro-Life” means nothing without action

Lombardo can pretend to be “Pro-Life” all he wants – but his words and actions tell a different story.

During a campaign pledge, Lombardo admitted to Nevadans he wouldn’t reverse Sisolak’s executive order and reiterated his support for abortion.

“I do not support an abortion ban in Nevada and have never said I would support a ban. In fact, I have repeatedly said that I oppose a federal ban,” wrote Lombardo.

“Steve Sisolak is addicted to executive orders both to protect his power and score political points. I simply do not believe executive orders are meant to be permanent or should be used as a campaign tactic,” said Lombardo.


So one would think he would repeal it, right?

Not so fast.

Lombardo continued “However, because there are efforts in other states that could impact Nevadans, I have made a commitment not to repeal that executive order until the legislature can make clear that Nevada is not going to prosecute women who seek an abortion or medical providers that perform legal abortions.”

And there you have it.

Planned Parenthood and sexual predators rejoice at the new law

When both Planned Parenthood and sexual predators applaud a piece of legislation – you know it’s bad. 

Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains Chief Medical Officer Dr. Kristina Tocce wrote in support of the abortion bill stating “I am proud to submit this testimony in support of SB 131, a bill designed to protect Nevada abortion providers and out-of-state patients from the cruel and medically unnecessary abortion bans passed in other states.”

No, Tocce . . .

. . . the only thing “cruel and medically unnecessary” is ripping a baby from a mother’s womb and pretending it’s healthcare.

And since Nevada already allows minors to get abortions without parental consent, sexual predators are free to bring trafficked girls to Nevada to abort their babies.

Pro-Lifers sounded the alarm on the bill, but Lombardo didn’t care.

Don Nelson with Nevada Right to Life knew the dangers of this bill should it become law and warned “There have been undercover phone and other campaigns that show that abortion clinics do not report suspicions of statutory rape.”

“This bill will have the effect of making NV a haven for those who would cover up and continue their abuse of girls that other states have worked to mitigate with their parental notification laws,” Nelson wrote. 

But with the stroke of a pen, Lombardo made the decision to protect human traffickers and abortionists over unborn babies and vulnerable women. 

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