Senator Kennedy asked Biden’s HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra one question that left him squirming in his seat

The Biden administration’s ongoing efforts to promote abortion-on-demand have ramped up.

And Biden seemingly has no line he won’t cross to increase abortions around the country.

That’s why when Senator Kennedy asked Biden’s HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra one question, it left him squirming in his seat.

During a recent Senate Appropriations Committee hearing, Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) asked HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra a simple question: Do you support the abortion of a healthy unborn baby up until the moment of birth?

Becerra repeats the big lie and then refuses to answer directly

But rather than directly answer the question, Becerra instead repeated the abortion lobby’s big lie that no one is promoting late-term abortions.

Becerra then refused to support any restrictions on abortion, proving the lie.

“Let’s suppose it’s the day before the due date, and the baby is fully formed, and the baby is healthy, and the mother is healthy. Do you support the right to abort the baby then?” Kennedy asked Biden’s chief health officer.

Becerra first tried to argue that no one is promoting late-term abortions. 

But Kennedy wouldn’t give up.

The outspoken Republican senator responded by quoting a Becerra press release from when he was attorney general of California. 

“No government, state or federal, has the right to make decisions for a woman about her body or her health care,” Becerra wrote at the time.

“Your words, not mine,” Kennedy said.

“Good words,” Becerra replied.

“I ask you again, up to the moment of birth, if the mother’s healthy and the baby’s healthy, do you believe that there should be the right to abort that baby up to the moment of birth?” Kennedy asked again.

“I have always supported Roe v. Wade, which does not do what you just said,” Becerra responded. “I know of no one who is proposing or advocating what you’ve just announced, and I would hope what you would recognize is that that should not stop a woman from having the right to decide for herself with the consultation of her physician what she should do.”

“Why are you embarrassed to answer?”

Then, for the next several minutes, Kennedy and Becerra argued back and forth over his refusal to provide any direct answers to the straight-forward question.

Kennedy even narrowed his question, asking Becerra if he supports restrictions on abortions in the third-trimester.

But again, Becerra repeatedly dodged the question. 

Becerra would only repeat the pro-abortion mantra that he trusts women to make their own decisions.

And he continued to reiterate his support for Roe.

“Why are you embarrassed to answer?” Kennedy finally asked him. “Why are you scared to answer the question?”

While Becerra denied being embarrassed or scared, he never answered Kennedy’s question. 

It became increasingly clear Biden’s HHS Secretary did not want to admit publicly that he doesn’t support any restrictions on abortion, since it would mean admitting to supporting late-term abortions.

“You’re dodgin’ and weavin’ and flip-floppin’ like a mad catfish,” Kennedy said.

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