Senator Mike Lee just called out Merrick Garland and you won’t believe his response

Photo by U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) via flickr

The Biden DOJ and FBI have come under fire recently for a damning double standard.

While they target Pro-Life activists for praying, they ignore violent attacks by pro-abortion radicals.

But Senator Mike Lee just called out Merrick Garland and you won’t believe his response.

It has become more and more obvious that the Biden administration does not care about attacks on churches, Pro-Life pregnancy clinics, or even on Pro-Life activists.

As the violence against Pro-Lifers continues the FBI is more focused on SWAT-like raids against Christians.

Make sure to commit your crime at night

What makes the DOJ double standard even more ridiculous is in most cases we even know who is launching the attacks on Pro-Life centers and churches.

In fact, the radical pro-abortion terrorist group Jane’s Revenge has claimed responsibility for most of the violence.

Yet all of the crimes have gone unsolved and no arrests have been made.

Recently Senators Mike Lee (R-UT), Josh Hawley (R-MO), Rand Paul (R-KY) and others have been calling out the DOJ and FBI for their lack of response to these targeted attacks.

And Senator Lee took to Twitter recently to report on the shocking answer Merrick Garland gave as to why they were not prosecuting the pro-abortion terrorists.

“AG Garland: ‘Those who are attacking the pregnancy resource centers … are doing this at night in the dark. These people who are doing it are clever and are doing it in secret.’ Apparently, @TheJusticeDept will not prosecute if you commit your crimes at night.”

But it gets even worse

It’s not just pro-abortion terrorists who walk free.

Remember all the BLM and Antifa rioters who destroyed buildings, burned down city blocks, assaulted police, and even raped and murdered innocent civilians?

The FBI mostly turned a blind eye to all of that.

And even when arrests were made, the alleged perpetrators were handled with kid gloves and usually set free.

And yet FBI Director Chris Wray recently claimed there is only one standard of justice at the FBI.

The amazing thing was he was able to say that with a straight face.

Greg Price tweeted it out this way:

“FBI Director Chris Wray defends the FBI sending 30 agents to arrest Pro-Life activist Mark Houck in front of his family but doing nothing about BLM activists who torch federal buildings: ‘We have one standard which is irrespective of ideology or politics.’”

An unbelievable show of force

While the SWAT-style raids on Catholic dads and even former Republican Presidents continue, leftist radicals and pro-abortion terrorists are left free to roam and carry out violent attacks.

And we know from the Twitter Files that the FBI worked aggressively with Big Tech to target conservatives over the past few years.

It’s a clear pattern of a politicized and weaponized Justice Department targeting people they consider enemies.

The fact is, the double standard is so evident even law and order conservatives are starting to call for defunding of the FBI.

Senator Josh Hawley tweeted out the following exchange between him and AG Garland.

@HawleyMO and Attorney General Merrick Garland: ‘You used an unbelievable show of force with guns, that I’d just note liberals usually decry…You’re happy to deploy them against Catholics and innocent children!’

See the full exchange here:

It’s time for the FBI and DOJ to be reined in, before it’s too late.

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