Sexual predators have adopted a new method to harm young girls – and it’s legal

Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

As the pro-abortion crowd seeks to expand abortion, one group is benefiting the most, and it’s not women.

Sexual predators have exploited the latest abortion trend, and it’s worse than anyone could have ever imagined.

And now child predators are using a new method to harm young girls – and it’s completely legal.  

Abortion pills for all

Sexual predators often use abortion as a method to cover up their devious acts.

Trafficked girls who end up pregnant are rushed to abortion giants like Planned Parenthood to “cover up the evidence” . . .

. . . and without parental notification, girls continue to be in harm’s way.

But now that the abortion lobby is pushing abortion pills on demand – sexual predators have it even easier.

They don’t even need to risk getting caught by taking their victim into an abortion facility.

All they have to do is click a button and order abortion drugs and they can end the life of an innocent baby. 

The abortion lobby is silent

It’s known that sexual predators are using abortion pills to prey on vulnerable women – but the abortion lobby refuses to address the issue.

All pro-aborts care about is killing unborn babies – they could care less about the “casualties” of damaged lives that are an end result.

Countless women are in danger every day, yet the “pro-woman” Left remains silent. 

Pro-Lifers expose the truth

While the abortion lobby is silent, Pro-Lifers are standing up for women and exposing what is really happening.

In addition to sexual predators harming women, these deadly drugs are enabling domestic abuse.

Mason Herring, a young attorney, slipped abortion drugs into his pregnant wife’s drink hoping to kill the baby.

Thankfully the baby survived, but stories like this are happening all over the United States. 

Students for Life of America President Kristan Hawkins published an eye-opening op-ed in The Federalist telling the world how abortion pills are enabling sexual predators and domestic abuse.

“Abusers in homes across the nation and worldwide have utilized chemical abortion pills in the same way that Herring allegedly did,” Hawkins said.

“The vehicle of disguise, however, does change. Women have had deadly abortion pills slipped into their tea, Starbucks, orange juice, yogurt, pancakes, sandwiches, and cereal. In another case, an abuser lied to his partner about what the life-ending drug was, saying it was an antibiotic,” Hawkins continued. 

But of course, the abortion lobby continues to lie to women, marketing the abortion drug as a “quick and easy way” to end a pregnancy.

They don’t tell of all the women who have had physical reactions – or the emotional trauma that comes after ending an innocent life.

And they certainly hide the stories of sexual predators using these pills for harm.

Pro-Life Press will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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