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If you stand strong for life – you have a target on your back. 

Pro-Lifers are now labeled “domestic terrorists” and are enemies of the government. 

And a shocking memo from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) reveals just how far Biden is willing to go to silence Pro-Lifers.

The new profile of domestic terrorists

Through the Freedom of Information Act, America First Legal obtained an internal DHS memo on domestic terrorism.

A portion of the memo included a “Choose Your Own Adventure” type of game for individuals to make “real-life decisions” on different scenarios featuring so-called “domestic terrorists,” LifeSiteNews reported. 

Domestic terrorists used to be thought of as the loners who build explosives in their parents’ basement . . . 

. . . or as a hateful radicalized group of folks who use force and violence to enact their policies.

But now – suburban Christian moms have made the “domestic terrorist” profile list.

Biden’s DHS describes the characteristics of one made-up “domestic terrorist” profile named “Ann.”

“Ann” is described as a “suburban mom” who has always “been religious” but has become more “devout” since the death of her mother.

The memo goes on to say while “Ann” has always been “protective of her four kids” that she has now become “increasingly concerned about the welfare of other children including the unborn.”

So basically . . . 

. . . Biden has described every Pro-Life woman in America!

OF COURSE Pro-Lifers are concerned about the welfare of unborn babies.

It’s only the violent and radical pro-abortion crowd who can mercilessly end the life of a beating heart without a second thought.

DHS states “accurately characterizing domestic terrorism can be challenging.”

In their internal memo, DHS claims the government should not investigate individuals “solely based on their ideology” because an individual’s beliefs are “Constitutionally protected.”

You better believe they are!

Our founders knew the government would attempt to seize power and control over individuals so they deliberately made sure Americans had the freedom to express their religious convictions without facing criminal charges.

But DHS seems to despise this protection stating that because the intel community is “mostly prohibited” from collecting data on First Amendment protected activities that it consequently makes the “collection, retention, and sharing of information more complex for domestic terrorist threats and threat actors.” 

Or in simple terms – the Constitution is the last standing shield of liberty protecting Americans from their own government.

Know your enemy

In reality, it’s not peaceful Pro-Lifers DHS needs to be worried about.

Pro-Lifers aren’t firebombing crisis pregnancy centers or leveling death threats at Pro-Life workers.

They aren’t the ones looting and robbing and burning down cities because they are angry at the latest Supreme Court ruling.

Pro-Lifers are peacefully gathering to stand for life – whether in church on a Sunday morning in prayer or marching down the streets of Washington, D.C. at a Pro-Life rally. 

If DHS really wants to stop domestic terrorism – perhaps they should take a cold-hard look at the violent abortion extremists who continue to attack and threaten anyone who stands in their way. 

Of course, Biden hopes to weaponize government thugs to investigate Pro-Lifers and even prosecute them to send a message to Pro-Lifers to sit down, and shut up.

But his threats and investigations can’t silence the screams of unborn babies or those who are speaking out on their behalf. 

What he fails to understand is there are people in the Pro-Life movement who are committed to standing strong for life who refuse to be bullied into silence by government bureaucrats. 

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