Shocking news just emerged about the radical leftist groups behind Ohio’s pro-abortion amendment

Photo by Christian Bowen from Unsplash

The pro-abortion lobby is putting on a full court press in Ohio.

And they are spending millions of dollars to make sure abortions are expanded in the Buckeye State.

Now there is shocking news about the radical leftist groups behind Ohio’s pro-abortion amendment.

A constitutional amendment that would guarantee abortion up until birth is on the ballot in Ohio.

An extreme measure backed by extremists

The extreme pro-abortion measure isn’t just being pushed by pro-abortion fanatics, however.

It is also being supported by a broad coalition of Left-wing radicals, transgender activists who believe in transgender surgeries for minors, and groups pushing the legalization of prostitution, abolishing police and prisons, completely erasing the U.S. border, and returning Mount Rushmore to tribal activists who say the monument as “an international symbol of white supremacy.” 

One of its key leaders even boasts of “working on destigmatizing and uplifting sex work.”

What Mount Rushmore and abortion have to do with each other is anyone’s guess, but its not stopping the radical Left.

They understand something conservatives have long failed at: coalition politics.

The Left is able to bring together groups as varied as blue collar steel workers and transgender drag queens to work on every part of the leftist agenda.

This has been especially true on the issue of abortion.

And in the Ohio pro-abortion ballot measure there is a reason why, especially for the transgender activists.

Mixing abortion and transgender surgery

Ohio’s Issue 1, which is on the ballot this November, states: “Every individual has a right to make and carry out one’s own reproductive decisions, including but not limited to” fertility treatments and abortion. 

Critics of the measure such as Protect Women Ohio and the Center for Christian Virtue point out that the imprecise terms “individual” and “reproductive decisions” could also create a constitutional “right” for minors to have transgender surgeries that result in their sterilization.

Although some mainstream media outlets have claimed that charge is false, they have failed to look into just who is behind Ohioans United for Reproductive Rights, the group spearheading the ballot effort.

Ohioans United for Reproductive Rights (OURR), describes itself as “a coalition formed by the ACLU of Ohio, Abortion Fund of Ohio, Ohio Physicians for Reproductive Rights, New Voices for Reproductive Justice, Ohio Women’s Alliance, Planned Parenthood Advocates of Ohio, Preterm-Cleveland, Pro-Choice Ohio, and” Unite for Reproductive and Gender Equity (URGE).

URGE is a radical pro-abortion, pro-transgender organization.

They describe themselves as an “abortion-positive” group that considers abortion liberating.

They strongly oppose any restrictions on abortion and even consider parental consent or notification laws for abortion “unethical.”

URGE also seeks to repeal “all abortion bans,” including laws preventing pregnant mothers from using illegal drugs that could harm their babies in the womb.

And, URGE believes laws against transgender surgeries for minors are “dangerous.”

They even call for letting men stay in battered women’s shelters.

But URGE goes even further.

They are demanding public schools teach LGBTQ sex education and support taxpayer funded condoms being handed out in schools.

They also support open borders and have a program to defund the Police called “Fund Abortion Not Cops.”

Pushing abortion on underage girls

It’s also worth noting that Unite for Reproductive and Gender Equity (URGE) was founded in 1992 as ChoiceUSA by radical feminist and pro-abortion activist Gloria Steinem. 

The organization strongly believes minors have the right to abortion and transgender procedures without parental input. 

URGE refers to its members as “abortion-positive” and even sponsors an annual “abortion positive tour” to promote the myth that “abortion isn’t a bad decision.” 

URGE opposes the right of pro-life medical staff to opt out of carrying out abortions and transgender procedures.

URGE’s then-policy director, Sarah Inskeep, has claimed such proposals are “rooted in racism, oppression, patriarchy, and white supremacy.” 

One can only hope the people of Ohio see through the lies being pushed by the radical pro-abortion lobby and see just who is behind Issue 1, and why.

Pro-Life Press will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.