Sinister boss did the unthinkable to his pregnant 18-year-old employee 

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An 18-year-old girl received shocking treatment once her employer found out she was pregnant.

In fact, the actions of her own boss were so horrific – she filed a lawsuit.

And once you hear what this sinister boss did to his pregnant teen employee you’re bound to be outraged. 

Panda Express manager demands pregnant teen kill her baby

When 18-year-old Romerian Logan’s boss, BiQing Lui, found out Logan was pregnant – he began making rude comments insisting she have an abortion.

She tried to ignore the harsh words from her boss – but his continued attacks on her were relentless. 

Things continued to escalate until Logan reported her boss even assaulted her one evening after her shift.

She reported the assault to human resources – but they did nothing. 

Punished for being pregnant

In retaliation, Logan was assigned manual labor “scrubbing jobs” that she was unable to perform because she was pregnant.

Logan told the New York Post she was fired just four months before she gave birth.

Thankfully, after experiencing such disturbing events which her company ignored – Logan decided to file a lawsuit.

Margaret T Korgul, represented Logan in the lawsuit and claimed Panda Express and BiQing Liu violated the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination because they refused to provide her with reasonable accommodations for pregnancy, and that their harassment and physical abuse created a hostile work environment, reported the Daily Mail.

Employers wield their power to push abortions

After Roe v. Wade was overturned – a strange new trend started creeping up in the workforce.

Employers were practically tripping over one another to provide the most robust “abortion benefits” for their employees such as paying for the abortion – or paying for the travel expenses so women from Pro-Life states could travel out of state to kill their babies.

While a few companies have combated the abortion onslaught by helping employees with adoption costs or even giving employees a $5,000 “baby bonus” – that isn’t the norm. 

Most employers are more than willing and even eager to help women kill their babies.

Pregnant women fear for their livelihood 

Some pregnant moms are the sole breadwinners in their household and the financial provision for their baby depends on their ability to earn a living.

While many pregnant moms are willing to work up until the day they give birth . . . 

. . . and then return to work just a few weeks later – they shouldn’t fear discrimination for not choosing an abortion.

Reasonable accommodations should be made for pregnant employees so they can still do their job without being “punished” for being pregnant.

But in the anti-life culture dominating the workforce – now more than ever many women are hiding their pregnancies for as long as possible for fear their employer will punish them for choosing life. 

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