So-called Republican Jen Kiggans just attacked the Freedom Caucus and pro-lifers with this one act

RINOs everywhere are applauding Virginia Congresswoman Jen Kiggans (R-VA 2).

She continues to be a guaranteed vote for all of their pro-abortion legislation.

And so-called Republican Jen Kiggans just attacked the Freedom Caucus and pro-lifers with this one act.

More than 100 so-called Republican U.S. House members recently voted for the radical and grossly bloated Omnibus short-term spending bill.

Voting for radical and illegal pro-abortion policies

And among those voting for this outrageous bill was Virginia’s second district Congresswoman Jen Kiggans.

Kiggans claims to be a conservative but her voting record tells the real story.

For example, while Kiggans runs ads on social media attacking Joe Biden for his open border policies, Kiggans, by voting for the omnibus, just voted to fund those policies that are causing an invasion at our southern border.

And it has led her to attack fellow Virginia Congressman, Freedom Caucus Chairman and pro-life leader Bob Good (R-VA 5).

Good is facing a tough Primary from State Senator John McGuire and Kiggans has weighed in giving her support to McGuire.

But for pro-life Americans, Kiggans’ vote for the omnibus was even worse.

Because the omnibus bill was chock-full of radical pro-abortion funding.

And Kiggans had absolutely no problem voting to fund Biden’s pro-abortion agenda.

She even took to social media to defend her vote and claim it was a “win” for the American people.

This is a classic RINO tactic; claiming that their leftist votes are really “conservative” policy wins.

Taxpayer-funded abortions and transgender surgeries on minors

In fact, the omnibus bill was worse than most pro-life leaders even feared it would be.

Among the items included were:

  • $2.5 million in taxpayer funding for late-term abortions in New Hampshire and Rhode Island.
  • Continued taxpayer funding for the Pentagon’s illegal abortion tourism program for military personnel and families.
  • Taxpayer funding for research on fetal tissue from aborted babies.

And pro-life Americans are not the only ones being forced to fund murderous policies they disagree with.

The bill also includes taxpayer funding for the radical transgender agenda. 

The bill includes funding for organizations that provide or promote gender transitions for adults – and underage minors.

And it even includes taxpayer dollars to fully fund the Department of Defense’s transgender surgery program.

These are items that, even if Kiggans claims to be only an economic conservative, she should have strongly opposed.

Instead, Kiggans decided to turn against her fellow Virginia conservative House members once again, and to stab her own voter base in the back.

It’s time to tell Jen Kiggans to stop being Biden’s best friend

One GOP leader in Kiggans’ district said, “It’s time to send a strong message to Jen Kiggans that she either needs to stop being Joe Biden’s best friend or resign her seat.”

There has even been talk of a Primary against Kiggans, or even a third-party candidate emerging.

And one pro-life Super PAC told Pro-Life Press that they are prepared to spend ‘millions against Kiggans’ if a strong candidate emerges to challenge her.

It’s time to hold politicians like Jen Kiggans accountable for their pro-abortion votes.  

Pro-Life Press will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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