So-called “witch” releases TikTok video about abortion that will make you furious

Photo by Marcos Paulo Prado from Unsplash

In a bizarre and troubling turn of events, a woman who identifies as a witch on TikTok is making waves with a now-deleted video where she guides followers on using abortion as a “magical ritual.” 

Surprisingly, she acknowledges the truth that pro-lifers know about when life begins. 

But shockingly, she also reveals that the horrors of abortion go even deeper than many of us realize. 

Known as Valkyrja Vörðr, the self-proclaimed Norse Priestess and Valkyrie of the Veil shares her unorthodox perspective on abortion, framing it as both a birth and death magic simultaneously.

In the controversial video, Valkyrja Vörðr shares, “How to practice abortion as a magical ritual – part one. My qualifications for teaching this: I am a witch who has had abortions and has used them as rituals.” 

She goes on to emphasize the ritualistic nature of the procedure, drawing parallels between spellcasting and the order in which abortions are carried out.

While the video has been removed from her TikTok account, excerpts captured by other users on social media reveal Valkyrja Vörðr’s unique perspective. 

She acknowledges the gravity of abortion, describing it as the intentional ending of a conceived life. 

“There is life that has been conceived,” she says, highlighting the dual aspects of life and death inherent in the procedure.

In another video, she delves into the aftermath of her two abortions, describing vivid dreams of giving birth after each procedure. 

Rather than grappling with the profound emotional and ethical implications of her choices, she attributes the dreams to her “abortion magic” and claims to be birthing new life for herself.

“Dude, being a witch is so wild,” she exclaims, emphasizing the surreal experience of having dreams that simulate childbirth after opting for abortion. 

Instead of addressing the complex emotions surrounding her decisions, she sees these dreams as a testament to the power of what she terms “abortion magic.” 

In her perspective, the intentional termination of life becomes a tool for personal transformation and growth.

While Valkyrja Vörðr’s videos offer a rare and unsettling glimpse into an individual’s distorted moral compass, they also underscore the profound challenges faced by society in reconciling individual rights with the broader ethical considerations of abortion. 

Her unabashed celebration of abortion as a form of personal empowerment raises questions about the moral and cultural acceptability of using someone’s life as a means to improve one’s own.

This provocative revelation has ignited a firestorm of debate, particularly among pro-life Americans, who are appalled by the normalization of abortion as a ritualistic practice. 

The video serves as a stark reminder of the urgent need for open and respectful dialogue on the moral, spiritual, and societal implications of abortion, ensuring that perspectives such as Valkyrja Vörðr’s are understood so that pro-lifers can meet and combat them with charity and strength. 

As the debate rages on, it becomes evident that discussions around abortion extend far beyond legal frameworks, reaching into the realms of spirituality, morality, and the very essence of what it means to value and protect life. 

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