Southwest Airlines just got hit with a major violation for defying a judge in this Pro-Life flight attendant’s case

Much of corporate America has decided to join in with the radical Left in shutting down free speech.

And nowhere is that clearer than on the issue of abortion.

But now Southwest Airlines just got hit with a major violation for defying a judge in this Pro-Life flight attendant’s case.

The radical pro-abortion Left can’t stand anyone speaking the truth and disagreeing with their anti-science, anti-life positions.

Defying the law in the unfriendly skies

And it turns out some woke corporations will even ignore the law to shut down the free speech of Pro-Life Americans.

Southwest Airlines did that, but now they are facing the music.

A U.S. District Court judge recently ordered Southwest Airlines to pay the most recent legal fees of a flight attendant fired by the airline for expressing her opposition to abortion. 

The judge ruled that the airline had “twisted” his words and disregarded his order.

U.S. District Judge Brantley Starr found Southwest in contempt for how it explained a case after losing a jury verdict.

A federal court had ordered both Southwest and the Transport Workers Union (TWU) to give Charlene Carter her job back after being reportedly fired over her stance on abortion. 

 It was thought that would be the end of the five-year legal battle.

After all, the jury awarded Carter $5.3 million in a lawsuit she filed in 2017. 

But Judge Starr reduced the jury’s original $5.3 million in damages to $810,180, which includes $150,000 in back pay.

Starr took this action because federal discrimination law limits damages companies can pay in such cases.

Misleading its employees

After the court’s ruling, Southwest released a grossly misleading “Recent Court Decision” notice to its roughly 17,000 flight attendants.

The notice minimized the court’s findings that Southwest Airlines had committed significant rights violations. 

Carter’s attorneys from the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation (NRTWLDF) claim Southwest’s notice wrongly implied that Southwest is the final arbiter of what kind of religious speech is acceptable in the workplace.

Southwest even said Carter challenging the TWU union’s political positions was “inappropriate, harassing, and offensive” and therefore worthy of punishment.

“First, Southwest Airlines violated Charlene Carter’s rights by firing her at the union’s behest. Now, the airline is doubling down by misleading other workers about its wrongdoing in defiance of a federal court order,” said NRTWLDF President Mark Mix.

And Judge Starr agreed.

In a 29-page order, the judge said Southwest acted as if its own policy limiting what employees can say is more important than federal law protecting religious speech.

The judge also ordered Southwest to pay the flight attendant’s most recent legal costs.

In addition, Judge Starr gave the airline a verbatim statement for Southwest to relay to employees and ordered three of Southwest’s lawyers to complete “religious-liberty training” from Alliance Defending Freedom.

Now the question is, will Southwest follow the judge’s orders this time?

And, will other companies realize that the days of silencing the conservative majority are coming to an end?

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