Southwest Airlines just showed their disdain for Pro-Life Americans with this court challenge

Charlene Carter had worked as a flight attendant for more than 20 years.

But Southwest Airlines fired her over her outspoken Pro-Life beliefs.

And Southwest Airlines just showed their disdain for Pro-Life Americans with this court challenge.

Charlene Carter filed a lawsuit against Southwest Airlines in 2017 after she was fired from her position as a flight attendant for expressing her Pro-Life beliefs and values.

She suffered trauma from an abortion as a teenager and has been an outspoken opponent ever since.

Carter criticized the union boss for the decision to participate in the 2017 Women’s March because of its association with Planned Parenthood.

“This is what you supported during your paid leave with others at the Women’s March in D.C.,” Carter wrote in her message, before adding that “you truly are despicable in so many ways.”

And in December of 2022, a Texas Judge ordered her to be reinstated to her position and awarded her $810,180 in back pay and damages.

“Today is a victory for freedom of speech and religious beliefs,” Carter said at the time. “Flight attendants should have a voice and nobody should be able to retaliate against a flight attendant for engaging in protected speech against her union.”

The Judge also ordered Southwest Airlines to inform its employees of their rights against religious discrimination.

When Southwest defied the order, a Judge issued a ruling in August of 2023 that found the company in contempt of court and included a statement for them to read to all employees.

According to the Associated Press, the Judge also “ordered three Southwest lawyers to complete at least eight hours of religious liberty training from the Alliance Defending Freedom, which offers training on compliance with federal law prohibiting religious discrimination in the workplace.”

But the case is far from over.

As NBC Philadelphia reported, “Southwest Airlines is set to return to federal court Monday in hopes of reversing an $800,000 award to a flight attendant who said she was fired for her anti-abortion views and a judge’s related order that the airlines’ lawyers take religious liberty training from a conservative Christian legal group.”

“Southwest argues flight attendant Charlene Carter was fired because she violated company rules requiring civility in the workplace by sending ‘hostile and graphic’ anti-abortion messages to a fellow employee, who also was president of the local union,” NBC Philadelphia also reported.

Carter’s attorneys pointed out that she only sent the material “because she was a pro-life Christian, and as a Christian she believes she must get the word out to anyone who touches the issue of abortion.”

But Southwest stands by its claim that Carter sent “hostile and graphic” messages in violation of company rules requiring civility in the workplace.

Only time will tell whether or not Southwest is held accountable for violating Carter’s religious liberty.

But it is clear that Southwest Airlines has disdain for Pro-Life Americans.

Pro-Life Press will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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