Starving children deserve to die according to Joe Biden’s latest high-profile endorsement

Joe Biden’s liberal pals are coming out of the woodwork to back his campaign.

And they are showing their true colors.

But in a shocking statement, Joe Biden’s latest high-profile endorsement thinks starving children deserve to die.

Many reasons to kill

Democrats use any reason to justify abortion.

Some claim it is a “woman’s right” to kill her baby – if she feels like it.

Other anti-life politicians lie and insist women are only getting late-term abortions in extreme circumstances to “preserve the life of a mother.”

Of course – abortion is never necessary to save a mother’s life.

Early intervention?




And then there are those who are blunt about their hatred of unborn babies.

Some leftists actually think if a baby has a disability, it’s a “given” a mother should end its life.

But billionaire Melinda Gates took things to an extreme when she stated her view on abortion.

In a hypothetical situation, Gates outlined why she believes women should abort their babies . . .

. . . and then she endorsed Joe Biden to get it done.

Can’t feed ‘em? Kill ‘em.

Many children all around the world go hungry each day.

It’s tragic.

There are churches and non-profits working overtime to help the poor find food and resources.

But according to Melinda Gates – because a family is poor – it’s a reason to kill an innocent life.

In an interview with her daughter Phobe Gates, after spewing out her famous anti-life talking points, Melinda added, “And in some places in the world, women will tell you it’s a life and death issue for them, because they might already have four or five children, and they can’t have another one ‘cause they can’t feed them. So it is a fundamental issue for women.”

No, Melinda.

The “fundamental issue” is helping provide them with resources in the short term to feed their families and then teaching them skills to work to provide a long-term solution.

Claiming that because a mother has “too many kids” she should kill the next one is absurd.

But that’s the logic of the Left.

Imagine the impact Melinda Gates would have in helping the poorest of the poor if she backed organizations who were actually helping pregnant moms.

Instead, Gates puts her money behind those who will help kill babies, and make the world “less populated.”

It’s unconscionable to think an innocent child should be sentenced to die, simply because their family is poor.

Murder is never an option.

But Melinda disagrees, which is why she’s backing Biden.

Boldy backing Biden

In a CNN op-ed, Melinda penned a glowing endorsement of Biden claiming she’s “never endorsed a presidential candidate before” – until now.

“After Trump’s first term in office endangered the health of women, compromising their safety and robbing them of essential freedoms, I’m supporting Biden this election and asking others to do the same,” said Melinda.

The only one robbing Americans of their freedom is Joe Biden.

And on Election Day, the American people will vote, and Melinda will learn she can’t buy this election. 

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