Story reveals the real reason behind pregnancy malpractice. . .and it’s not pro-life laws

Photo by Jonathan Borba from Pexels

The pro-choice camp wants to blame pro-life laws for injuries that occur during pregnancy. 

But the truth is. . .

It’s bad doctors, not bad laws, that are causing these tragedies. 

In the midst of the ongoing debate surrounding pro-life laws, a harrowing tale from the heart of pro-abortion New York sheds light on a more pressing issue—negligent doctors risking lives, irrespective of political stances. 

Kathleen Szekely, a registered nurse, recently shared her ordeal with Secular Pro-Life, emphasizing the critical need to distinguish between political narratives and real emergency medical practices.

Szekely’s alarming experience unfolded in a state notorious for its pro-abortion stance—New York. 

Contrary to expectations, her tale underscores the vulnerability of pregnant women not to pro-life laws but to the lapses of medical professionals. 

Her ectopic pregnancy, a potentially fatal condition, became a battleground where inadequate medical attention turned a precarious situation into a life-threatening emergency.

Despite undergoing careful monitoring, Szekely’s ectopic pregnancy, indicated by the absence of an intrauterine sac in ultrasounds, reached a critical point. 

Disturbingly, her doctor dismissed concerning symptoms, attributing them to a miscarriage. 

Hours later, Szekely found herself in the emergency room, undergoing life-saving surgery and requiring a blood transfusion due to significant blood loss.

New York’s abortion laws, allowing the procedure up to 24 weeks and beyond for health reasons, failed to safeguard Szekely’s well-being. 

The ambiguity surrounding the definition of “health” in these laws, as highlighted in Doe v. Bolton, extends beyond physical well-being to mental, financial, psychological, and familial aspects. 

The Reproductive Health Act, effective since 2019, further complicates matters by omitting a clear definition of “health,” granting abortionists broad interpretative authority.

The tragic case of Keisha Atkins in 2017 exemplifies the dangers of such broad interpretations. 

In pro-abortion New Mexico, Atkins, a healthy 23-year-old, lost her life during a 24-week abortion. 

Abortionist Shannon Carr, who spent a mere 20 minutes with Atkins, justified the late abortion based on speculative concerns about the young woman’s mental health. 

This tragic incident reveals how the expansive interpretation of “health” can lead to irreversible consequences.

Szekely’s narrative, a testament to medical neglect, exposes a disconcerting trend in New York’s healthcare system. 

Even within a pro-abortion environment, medical professionals exhibited a predisposition toward abortion-minded perspectives. 

Questions like “Is this a pregnancy you care to keep?” greeted Szekely during her intake for bleeding in early pregnancy, highlighting a troubling bias prevalent in medical practices.

The negligence didn’t end there—despite presenting symptoms indicative of an ectopic pregnancy, Szekely’s doctors failed to conduct the necessary verifications. 

The gravity of an ectopic pregnancy, a condition distinct from abortion, was overlooked, placing Szekely’s life in jeopardy.

Szekely, in reflecting on her ordeal, emphasizes that mishandling and medical neglect can transcend political biases. 

At no point did she perceive her doctor’s dismissal of symptoms as a result of his organization’s pro-abortion stance or the state’s accessibility to abortion. 

Instead, she attributes it to a medical professional’s incompetence and a flawed judgment call.

This distressing account serves as a wake-up call for Americans, urging them to look beyond political narratives. 

The focus should shift toward ensuring stringent medical standards and accountability to safeguard pregnant women, irrespective of the prevailing political climate. 

In the pursuit of genuine healthcare, the spotlight must be on addressing systemic issues that jeopardize lives and demanding accountability for medical professionals who neglect their duty to protect and preserve life.

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