Students For Life Action announced a major effort to defending life in this key battleground state

Jonathan Cutrer from San Angelo, Texas, United States, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The fight to defend the preborn is more important than ever.

Ever since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, the radical Left has pushed for extreme abortion on demand.

But Students For Life Action is fighting back and announced a major effort to defend life in this crucial battleground state.

Students for Life Action (SFLA) recently announced they are launching a 3-step plan for defending Life in Ohio.

A disappointment but not the end of the fight

The 3-part mobilization and action plan will focus on the youth vote as the November ballot initiative on abortion is SFLA’s priority number one this year.

The announcement of the plan comes after the disappointing defeat of the ballot issue to change the process to amend the state constitution.

Under current law, it can be changed with just a majority vote.

SFLA’s President Kristan Hawkins said, “The vote to protect the state constitutional process was never the end game, though being outspent almost 5 to 1 certainly helped create the confusion about what was at stake. But abortion will be on the ballot in the fall, and Students for Life Action will be employing our unique targeted marketing to get the votes needed to continue protecting life in law in Ohio.” 

And as is usually the case with the most effective Pro-Life organization in the nation, they aren’t backing down.

In fact, SFLA will be taking the fight directly to the pro-abortion radicals.

They understand it is important to fight to protect every life, no matter how daunting the battle may seem.

Mobilization and training

In the coming months, SFLAction’s Ohio-based team, along with support from the national staff, will be putting in motion a plan that will include:  

  • Organizing on-campus voter registration, mobilization, and education
  • Setting up action teams for campus polling place advocacy
  • Managing unique digital and social media campaigns aimed at the youth vote

The Ohio program will be managed by SFLA’s Ohio Regional Coordinator, Jamie Scherdin.

Scherdin will manage on-the-ground efforts, including coordinating campus visits, student training, and events.

“The Youth Vote isn’t really motivated by labels such as Democrat or Republican, but they want to make a positive difference in culture and many care about the human rights issue of abortion. In the months ahead, we will recruit many students to get out the facts about the extreme violence to the preborn that would be allowed if the state’s constitution is changed,” Scherdin said.

Hawkins pointed out that SFLAction’s outreach is a battle-proven model. 

“We ran our Vote Pro-Life First Digital Campaign in nine states that were crucial in determining the likelihood the abortion lobby would have the votes to federally codify Roe after the elections or in states with legislative priorities, like Nebraska. With empirical data from 2020 to review, we came in with a cheaper cost per swing 18–35-year-old vote in 2022 at $1.22 per converted youth vote,” Hawkins said.

Before the Ohio vote on the constitutional process, Hawkins noted that SFLAction has already been active on the ground in the Buckeye State.

And Students for Life Action students have participated in the SBA Pro-Life America effort that has seen more than 80 students knocking on over 60,000 doors. 

SFLAction will also put its proven digital campaign to work, reaching voters through personal text messages and emails, targeting more than 5,300,000 voters, or more than 65% of the roughly 8 million registered voters in Ohio.   

This fight won’t be easy, but the lives of the most innocent Ohioans are at stake. 

Pro-Life Press will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.