Target knifes Pro-Life families in the back with their jaw-dropping abortion policies

Mike Kalasnik from Jersey City, USA, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Target has gone off the deep end and it’s worse than anyone could have imagined.

In addition to marketing pro-LGBT merchandise to babies and toddlers – they’ve cemented their pro-abortion views in the worst way ever.

And once you hear how Target knifed Pro-Life families in the back with their latest pro-abortion move you’re bound to be outraged.

Target pays their employees to travel across state lines to kill their babies

If a Target employee wants an abortion – Target will make sure they get it done – and even help pay for it.

For employees that live in Pro-Life states – Target covers travel expenses so employees can venture over to an anti-life state to kill their baby.

Paying for employees to travel out of state for abortions is the new trend for pro-abortion businesses, and the consequences are devastating.

Women feel pressure to follow through with their abortion 

Many women who get abortions do so because they feel they have no other option.

Others are on the fence and go back and forth with their decision.

But a new documentary from Sidewalk Advocates for Life shows that when places like Target offer to help women abort their babies, many of the women feel pressured to follow through and are unlikely to change their minds.

And as Live Action pointed out – when pro-abortion providers like Target pay for the travel expenses for their employees to get an abortion . . . 

. . . even if the employee changed her mind at the last minute, she will have cost her employer a significant amount of money having already traveled out of state.

Many women with scheduled abortions funded by their employer fear retaliation such as getting fired or losing other employee benefits if they don’t follow through with their abortion.

In bed with LGBT activists 

Not only does Target help pay for their employees to get abortions . . . 

. . . but they were caught red-handed funding organizations that promote “gender transitions” in youth.

According to an online report from Fox News Digital, Target donated a whopping $2.1 million to pro-LGBT group GLSEN, which helps children hide their “gender transitions” from their parents.

“GLSEN leads the movement in creating affirming . . . and anti-racist spaces for LGBTQIA+ students. We are proud of 10+ years of collaboration with GLSEN and continue to support their mission,” said Target.

Not only does GLSEN infiltrate schools and help teachers lead students astray by pushing their “transgender” agenda, but they’ve been outspoken on their pro-abortion stance.

After Roe v. Wade was overturned GLSEN said “All people deserve bodily autonomy, freedom and the chance to raise families if, when or how we choose.”

As if a pregnant mom can just “decide” she doesn’t want to be pregnant and kill her baby like it’s no big deal.

GLSEN continued their pro-abortion rant stating “Whether someone is seeking abortion care, gender-affirming care or mental health care — everyone must have unencumbered access to the medical care they need to thrive. We will continue to work with our partners to advance gender and reproductive justice.”

And there you have it.

Pro-abortion activists work closely with the LGBT crowd to push policies and a way of life that attacks Pro-Life families at every level.

And businesses like Target are simply a public front to do their bidding. 

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