Taxpayers were downright furious once they learned how local politicians were using their money

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The abortion lobby is always looking for sneaky ways to fund their anti-life agenda.

But their latest move caught everyone by surprise.

And now taxpayers are furious once they learned how local politicians were using their hard-earned money.

The deadly Employee Benefits Plan

Deschutes County commissioners in Oregon voted 3-0 to use taxpayer dollars to fund abortions.

The deadly vote approved changes to the county’s Employee Benefits Plan which will now force taxpayers (regardless of their Pro-Life views) to pay for the abortion of County employees and their dependents.


The vote was allowed after Oregon closed a loophole to avoid funding abortions, Live Action News reported.

And now, Pro-Lifers in Oregon are being forced against their will to pay for the slaying of unborn babies.

The “loophole”

KTVZ reported earlier this year, HB 2022 was passed which closed a “loophole” Deschutes County commissioners used to avoid funding abortions.

While Oregon already had the Reproductive Health Equality Act as a law that forced insurance providers in Oregon to cover abortions – since Deschutes County was self-insured – they were exempt from the mandate, Live Action News reported.

But now that HB 2022 was passed, the “loophole” is closed – and abortion must be covered.

Deschutes County commissioner Tony Debone told KTVZ “It’s kind of an unfunded mandate for a health care plan. So our taxpayers will have to pay a little bit more.”

He continued “It’s not a big financial step, but it is a philosophical step, in what medical care involves and how it’s paid for.”

Yeah – it’s a step in forcing people to use their hard-earned money to fund something they are philosophically opposed to.

A slippery slope

The American people shouldn’t be forced to use their taxpayer dollars to fund abortion.

Although last year two out of three Deschutes County commissioners voted to exclude abortion coverage in the County employee health plan (except in cases of rape, incest, or if the mother’s life was at risk) – because of the new law – they can no longer do so.

Debone even admitted if the new law hadn’t passed – he wouldn’t have voted for this change.

More and more states (and businesses) are more than happy to fund abortion coverage for their employees.

Meanwhile moms who choose life or seek to adopt or foster a child are pushed to the side.

Abortion is a gruesome and barbaric act that ends a beating heart – and it’s unconscionable to force people to pay for something they don’t believe in.

But as radical politicians continue to pass anti-life laws – we can expect to see more gruesome laws on the books that will promote abortion.

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