Teen boy had an unbelievable reaction after he discovered his parents planned to abort him

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Jess Ford grew up knowing his mother was involved in the Pro-Life movement and even launched a ministry to help pregnant single moms in crisis.

But he never knew the story of his own conception . . . or that his parents planned to abort him.

And once Ford found about his near abortion – he had an unbelievable reaction, which changed his entire life trajectory.

The backstory

Live Action reports Ford’s mom became pregnant at 19-years-old while she was dating his father.

She currently lived with her devout Christian parents – and feared her parents would throw her out to the streets without any money if she told them about her pregnancy.

So like many scared and pregnant teens, she thought abortion was her only option.

But at the abortion facility, as she was about to end Ford’s life – she began hyperventilating and passed out.

The abortion facility refused to perform the abortion that day and told her to return.

Ford’s mom had a change of heart – and chose life

But suddenly Ford’s mom had a change of heart – and she married his father and they decided to keep him.

While the couple struggled working multiple jobs and long hours – they made it work.

His mom even launched Embrace Grace, a ministry that helps single moms in crisis.

“I remember a lot of hype around Embrace Grace when it was first introduced to the church community,” Ford said. 

He continued “My mother started getting more speaking engagements to promote the ministry and garnered media coverage as well,” Live Action reported.

But there was still a hidden secret

Ford’s mom realized she hadn’t yet told him about his conception – how he was unplanned – and that they even wanted to abort him.

They decided to finally tell him the truth.

When Ford heard the news, he struggled to process the information, but realized the enormity of how his life was narrowly spared.

A dark spiral into depression and suicide

Ford admitted he let the enemy whisper lies to him, telling him he was a mistake, and not wanted. 

“I felt so overwhelmed and fell into a deep depression,” Ford said. “For about six months, my mental health suffered, and eventually I developed suicide ideation from believing that I wasn’t supposed to be here.”

One day, Ford decided to swallow as many pills as he could to end his life.

But as he walked toward the medicine cabinet ready to kill himself – he heard a different voice that said “Jess, your parents may have said ‘no,’ but I said, ‘yes.’ I have a plan and a purpose for your life.”

Full surrender to God and a new life of Pro-Life activism

Ford said at that moment his entire life changed, and while he’d grown up in the church it wasn’t until that very moment, he finally met God.

After graduating from college, he became involved in the Pro-Life movement, and currently serves with Youth for Christ – which helps women facing unplanned pregnancies get connected to a local church. 

Ford said “Looking at my peers, I see a deep desire for justice as key motivator for their activism. Because of this, there’s an amazing opportunity to reach this younger generation if we begin to speak about abortion as a great injustice to women and the preborn,” Live Action reported.

What an amazing story of God’s redemption and the courage of Ford’s young parents to make the right choice despite their own fears. 

Pro-Life Press will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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