Teen mother’s shocking act of violence against her unborn baby was downplayed by a leftist court 

A teenage girl was six months pregnant when she suddenly decided she didn’t want her baby.

With her mother’s help – she obtained abortion pills and formulated a premeditated plan to kill her baby.

She destroyed “the evidence” of her baby’s murder and the court’s “punishment” will leave you red with rage.

A disgusting disregard for human life

18-year-old Celeste Burgess was six-months pregnant and decided she didn’t want to have her baby.

Instead of having the baby and then placing it up for adoption – she decided it was more important to “fit into her pair of jeans” again. 

She lived in Nebraska where abortion is illegal after 20 weeks – so her mother helped her order abortion drugs online.

The mother and daughter had a callous Facebook conversation where Celeste told her mom she couldn’t wait to “get this thing” out of her expressing how she was excited to be able to wear her jeans again.

To hide the evidence of illegally killing Celeste’s child – the mother and daughter agreed to burn and bury the baby’s body. 

Leftist courts gave a slap on the wrist

One would think a premeditated act of illegally taking abortion drugs AND burning the body of a baby would mean serious jail time.

Instead, the court ordered her to serve 90 days in prison.

90 days.

For murder.

While Celeste was sentenced to a measly 90 days in jail – the judge acted like he was giving her a harsh sentence. 

The judge’s order read that “The court finds that while probation is appropriate, confinement is necessary because without this confinement, it would depreciate the seriousness of the crime or promote disrespect for the law,” The Guardian reported. 

In reality, giving a teen 90 days in jail for illegally killing her own baby and burning the remains is the real “disrespect for the law.”

Celeste’s mother faces sentencing in September, but based on Celeste’s sentence she too is bound to get away with murder. 

A dangerous worldwide trend 

In the UK, a woman killed her 34-week-old unborn baby – and while she was sentenced to a short jail sentence . . . 

. . . a leftist court released her on probation!

If women learn judges won’t prosecute them for illegally aborting their babies, they’ll just keep doing it.

Instead, judges need to send the message that if women illegally obtain abortion drugs and kill their babies – they’ll do some serious jail time.

Unborn babies deserve to be treated with dignity and respect, as their lives are valuable even if they’ve not yet been born.

To callously kill a baby, and even go so far as to burn the precious body of a baby and bury it just to “fit into a pair of jeans” is cold-blooded to the core – and deserves a serious sentence. 

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