The abortion industry hopes this state will be their next kill zone

Amadscientist, CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Another state is gearing up to be a travel destination hotspot for abortions.

Pro-abortion politicians passed a bill so radical you won’t believe how far they’ll allow abortionists to go. 

And if the abortion industry gets their way this state will become their next kill zone.

Enshrine abortion into the Nevada state constitution

Radical pro-abortion politicians passed legislation in both houses that would expand abortion and make it easy for women to kill their babies.

For the Constitutional amendment to become law it has to pass again in the next legislature and then go on the ballot for voters to decide.

The proposed amendment claims “every individual has a fundamental right to reproductive freedom, which entails the right to make and effectuate decisions about all matters relating to pregnancy” and continues “The right of an individual to reproductive freedom shall not be denied, burdened, or infringed upon.”

Essentially – abortionists have a free pass to do whatever they want because the state constitution already protects them from being held accountable.

Absolutely no restrictions

In a legal analysis, The Pacific Justice Institute wrote the amendment has the “potential to be interpreted and applied in ways that could threaten the fundamental safety of women and children, legalize abortion up to the moment of birth and violate the rights of conscience held by medical professionals and others unwilling to participate in abortion.”

Nevada Families for Freedom President Janine Hansen agreed and voiced similar concerns. 

Hansen said the amendment provides “absolutely no restrictions on abortions whatsoever because all you need is a quack abortionist to say in his ‘professional judgment that the abortion is medically indicated to protect the life or physical or mental health of a pregnant individual’.” 

This is exactly what the abortion industry wants.

They want full access to women to abort their babies, no questions asked, while shielding doctors from facing any consequences. 

Nevada welcomes sex-traffickers to bring their victims across state lines

Sexual predators and human traffickers live in a world of secrecy and coercion.

They often use abortion as a tool to kill the baby of their pregnant victim so they can further abuse and degrade her.

While most states insist a parent must sign-off on any abortion for an underage girl – the latest trend is hoping to keep parents in the dark.

And in Nevada, should this new legislation become law, traffickers will bring their victims into Nevada to get abortions since no parental consent is needed and they know they won’t be punished.

Brace yourselves for a heated election season

The pro-abortion crowd still can’t accept Roe v. Wade was overturned so they are scrambling at the state level to make their states abortion “safe havens.”

We can expect to see more and more radical bills flying out of Democrat-controlled chambers as the abortion industry tries to keep up with all the Pro-Life bills now signed into law.

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