The abortion industry issued disturbing advice to men on how to coerce women kill their babies

Photo by Thiago Borges from Pexels

Abortion activists are determined to kill as many babies as possible.

They are even soliciting the help of men to get the job done.

And in their latest move they just issued the most disturbing advice to men on how to coerce women to kill their babies.

A disturbing article in GQ magazine titled “14 Rules for Men Having Sex in the Post-Roe Era” listed a bizarre series of actions men can take if a woman gets pregnant. 

“Check The Abortion Laws Of Each State”

GQ kicks off the article warning men that abortion laws are “changing rapidly almost universally for the worse.”

They direct men to a website where they can enter in their zip code to find out what the abortion laws are around them and where to go if they want to help a pregnant woman get an abortion.

This disgusting article reminds men to check the laws of “any state” they “have sex in” . . .

. . . further promoting a culture of promiscuity and negligence. 

“Offer To Pay For Her Abortion”

What should a man do if he gets a woman pregnant?

According to GQ, he should pay for her abortion.

Instead of encouraging men to step up to the plate and be a father. . .

. . . GQ further emasculates men by helping them absolve all responsibility for their choices.

Men are also encouraged to help pay for birth control.

For men who recoil at the idea, GQ writes “Think of it this way: you’re paying a very, very small fee to not have to pay for daycare in two years.”

As if ending the life of a beating heart is something comparable as budgeting money on a spreadsheet.

“Get a Vasectomy”

Instead of inspiring men to settle down and get married, GQ thinks they should have sex with as many people as possible . . .

. . . only after they get a vasectomy that is.

According to GQ this “minimally invasive” and “highly effective” procedure isn’t “really not all a big deal” telling men if they decide they want to have kids later they can simply “reverse” the procedure.

Donate To Help Other Men Kill Their Babies

After encouraging men to be first responders to ending the lives of their own babies, GQ wants them to donate to the National Network of Abortion to help fund resources so other men and women can kill their babies too.

For men who don’t know how much to donate, GQ writes “Here’s a good rule of thumb: However much you’ve spent on sunglasses this year, you should spend at the very least that on abortion funds.”

The dehumanizing and heartless approach to abortion makes it seem like killing a baby is a common and typical part of a person’s life.

What men need from other men is encouragement to rise to the call of fatherhood and be involved in the lives of their children.

Sadly, as the abortion industry continues to control the media and marketing of abortion, we can expect to see more propaganda articles like this promoting the culture of death. 

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