The Abortion Lobby just suffered a massive defeat in this key swing state

The Democrats are hoping to make no limit abortion-on-demand the key issue in the November elections.

But their attempt to make increased abortions the lynchpin of their election strategy just hit a bump in the road.

Because the Abortion Lobby just suffered a massive defeat in this key swing state.

Nonpartisan state elections usually receive very little mainstream media coverage.

An exception to the rule

But one recent such election broke the mold and became a major exception to the rule.

A nonpartisan Georgia Supreme Court race became a national bellwether for the abortion issue. 

But then, not surprisingly, when the results came in and the abortion lobby suffered a stunning defeat, the mainstream media went radio silent.

Democrat and former five-term U.S. Congressman John Barrow decided he could win a seat on the Georgia Supreme Court by making abortion his main issue against incumbent Justice Andrew Pinson.

Pinson was appointed to the Georgia high court by Governor Brian Kemp (R) in 2022. 

And though three other incumbent high court Justices ran unopposed, Pinson became an abortion lobby target.

In fact, Barrow explained he only ran because Pinson, as State Solicitor General, defended Georgia’s heartbeat law.

This law is a pro-life protection law that protects unborn babies from abortion once doctors can detect a fetal heartbeat, which usually occurs around six weeks.

During an interview with The Hill, Barrow summed up his candidacy with a simple mission statement: “I’m running for the Supreme Court of Georgia because I believe that women today have the same rights under the state constitution that they used to have under Roe vs. Wade, before it was overturned with the help of my opponent, and that’s why I’m running[,] and that’s why I’m running against him.”

A clear choice

Barrow left no doubts as to the purpose of his campaign.

Planned Parenthood and other pro-abortion lobbying groups endorsed him. 

“A state Supreme Court race in Georgia puts abortion on the ballot,” boasted MSNBC.

Barrow remained so committed to making his entire campaign about abortion that, when the Georgia Judicial Qualifications Commission told him he was violating judicial ethics by announcing how he would vote on abortion cases that had yet to come before him, Barrow sued to keep talking about abortion. 

While a judge dismissed Barrow’s lawsuit, it didn’t stop the former Democrat Congressman from continuing his pro-abortion campaign.

Unfortunately for Barrow and the pro-abortion lobby, the Judge’s dismissal of the case wasn’t the only defeat.

Barrow lost his race by a whopping 10-point margin: 55% for Pinson vs. 45% for Barrow.

The Southeast Campaigns Director of the abortion lobby group Reproductive Freedom for All (formerly NARAL Pro-Choice America), Alicia Stallworth, said they were “deeply disappointed” at the results. 

Meanwhile, pro-life activists and Christian conservatives celebrated. 

“The Democratic strategy of placing abortion at the center of the 2024 campaign utterly failed” last Tuesday in Georgia, said Ralph Reed, Faith & Freedom Coalition Chairman and Founder. 

Barrow’s loss “calls into question the entire Democratic strategy of eking out a victory by scaring suburban voters with abortion.”

Meanwhile, the mainstream media, which had touted the race, barely made mention of the results.

“Incumbent Georgia Justice Andrew Pinson defeats challenge from John Barrow focused on abortion rights,” stated Atlanta’s public broadcasting station WABE. 

“Justice Pinson wins court race that became referendum on abortion rights in Georgia,” reported Georgia Reporter, a publication of States Newsroom (a radical left-wing organization pretending to be a news organization). 

The pro-life victory only made the national media thanks to Tim Carney of the Washington Examiner, who said Barrow’s defeat was “perhaps the biggest electoral win for the pro-life cause since the fall of Roe v. Wade.”

This race clearly shows the false narrative of the unbeatable pro-abortion lobby has failed. 

Now it’s time for the Republican Party to begin standing strongly Pro-life.

Pro-Life Press will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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