The Abortion Lobby was red with rage after this bombshell report revealed how many babies have been saved since Valentine’s Day

Every life is precious.

Even if the pro-life movement saved ONE baby, we would rejoice. . .

And the Abortion Lobby was red with rage after this bombshell report revealed how many babies have been saved since Valentine’s Day.

As of today, a whopping 266 precious babies have been rescued from the clutches of abortion through the unstoppable force that is the 40 Days for Life campaign since February 14.

Members of the 40 Days for Life campaign have shared powerful testimonies of the women they have encountered and the lives they have played a role in saving.

In Boston, a mother on the brink of undergoing a horrifying late-term abortion had a change of heart. 

Picture this: she’s lying on the cold operating table, the abortionist poised to end her child’s life, when suddenly, she hears it—the unmistakable rhythm of her baby’s heartbeat. 

“Stop!” she cries out, and just like that, she walks away from Planned Parenthood, her unborn child still safe within her womb. 

It was a miraculous moment, made possible by the unwavering dedication of 40 Days for Life volunteer Carlos, who had been holding a photo of a baby saved during a previous campaign. 

That single image sparked a glimmer of hope in the mother’s heart, leading to a life-saving decision.

Meanwhile, all the way in Anchorage, Alaska, a tearful woman grappling with the weight of an impending abortion stumbled upon a beacon of light in the form of 40 Days for Life volunteers. 

Seeking a sign to guide her decision, she found herself surrounded by compassionate voices urging her to choose life. 

Moved by their words and the promise of support, she agreed to visit a local pregnancy center for help. 

And get this—she refused to let the volunteers accompany her, insisting that they stay on the sidewalk to assist other women in need. 

Talk about a true testament to the impact of grassroots pro-life activism!

But the incredible stories don’t end there. 

In Glendale, Arizona, a young mother facing the daunting prospect of a third pregnancy found herself at a crossroads. 

Contemplating abortion as her only option, she crossed paths with 40 Days for Life volunteers who offered her a lifeline of hope. 

Through prayer, resources, and unwavering support, she made the courageous decision to choose life for her unborn child. 

And if that’s not enough to make your heart swell with joy, just wait until you hear about the couple in Glasgow, Scotland, who made a life-altering choice after encountering a simple sign held by vigilant pro-life advocates. 

Their decision to keep their baby sent shockwaves of celebration throughout the pro-life camp, proving that every life is precious and worth fighting for.

In a world plagued by the darkness of abortion, these stories serve as beacons of hope and inspiration for us all. 

Together, we can continue to stand firm in defense of the most vulnerable among us and declare, with unwavering conviction, that every life deserves a chance to flourish. 

So, fellow warriors, let’s press on, knowing that our efforts are making a tangible difference in the fight for life!

Pro-Life Press will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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