The Abortion Lobby was shaking in its boots when this conservative news source busted through the shackles of Big Tech censorship

It’s no secret that conservatives are finding it harder and harder to spread their message, especially if that message is pro-life.

Radical leftists are working nonstop to censor the speech of anyone who dares to speak the truth about abortion.

That’s why the Abortion Lobby was shaking in its boots when this conservative news source busted through the shackles of big tech censorship.

John-Henry Westen, co-founder of LifeSiteNews, made a massive announcement recently that is set to transform the viewing experience on his pro-life website.

For decades, pro-life and pro-family media has been limited to primitive and low-quality viewership experiences due to big tech censorship. 

However, the pro-life and pro-family movement deserves the best, and LifeSiteNews is now bringing that directly into homes.

Get ready for a revolution in digital entertainment with the debut of LSNTV!

This is a cutting-edge app and streaming service bringing the biggest shows at LifeSiteNews directly into the palm of your hand and your favorite home streaming service. . .

. . .all while breaking free from the constraints of Big Tech censorship.

Immerse yourself in LifeSiteNews video content like never before, right in the palm of your hand or streamed seamlessly in the comfort of your house on your smart TV.

LSNTV is the key to an unfiltered, unbiased viewing experience that perfectly aligns with your values. 

With LSNTV, viewers can watch the latest shows from The John-Henry Westen Show, breaking news from the team of journalists, and the biggest political updates from the White House, Rome, and more with the Faith & Reason team. 

Plus, get on-the-ground coverage of faith, life, and family events like the March for Life, Eucharistic processions, and much more.

LSNTV is designed with user convenience in mind, available for download on both the Apple Store and Google Play, compatible on both iPhone and Android devices.

But that’s not all – LSNTV goes beyond mobile devices. 

With LSNTV, viewers can stream the latest coverage – including all of the breaking news content – on popular streaming platforms such as Roku, Fire, and Samsung Smart TV.

The entertainment world is getting less family-friendly by the day. 

This new platform aims to fight this issue directly! 

Finally, conservatives can start to take control of their entertainment, educational, and formational viewing experience like never before.

Stay tuned to Pro-Life Press for more developments to this story.

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