The abortion lobby was stunned when Pro-Lifers pulled out all the stops to prevent this abortion mill from opening

Photo by Tim Mossholder from Pexels

An all-trimester abortion mill was all set to open their doors in Beverly Hills.

But then Pro-Lifers entered the scene and ruined their plans.

And now, the abortion lobby was stunned when Pro-Lifers pulled out all the stops to prevent this deadly abortion mill from opening. 

Don’t underestimate the persistence of principled Pro-Lifers

The media often downplays the effectiveness of Pro-Lifers.

They market Pro-Lifers as “religious zealots” who want to hinder the “freedom” of pregnant women.

In reality, Pro-Lifers are the only ones in the fight for life who actually care about the health and well being of pregnant moms – and their babies.

So when a violent abortion mill was set to open in Beverly Hills – Pro-Lifers jumped at the chance to stop it from happening.

And by God’s grace, they succeeded. 

“Abortion in all trimesters is beautiful”

Last year, the Washington D.C. abortion facility DuPont Clinic announced their plans to expand to Beverly Hills.

DuPont Clinic boasted about their expansion and tweeted “DuPont Clinic is thrilled to announce that we are expanding to Los Angeles, California! We plan to open Fall 2023 under the leadership of @famplanObGyn. The need for all-trimester abortion care has never been greater.”

Karishma Oza, Patient Director at DuPont Clinic made her extreme pro-abortion views known when she said “I think abortion in all trimesters is beautiful,” while expressing joy that she has repeat customers.


But this is how the abortion lobby works.

They love abortion and actually boast about killing innocent babies.

It truly is sick.

Thankfully, DuPont Clinic never had the chance to spread their deadly terror outside of Washington D.C.

A massive Pro-Life win

At a Pro-Life rally, Tim Clement, Director of Outreach for the Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust announced the abortion facility would no longer open its doors.

As it turns out, the landlord for the abortion provider rescinded their lease.

“I think the property management for the building didn’t realize what they were signing up for when they agreed to lease to DuPont,” Clement said. 

“Being home to a first-of-[its] kind abortion business is not what this city wants to be known for and they definitely weren’t pleased with the presence of protestors taking to their streets every day,” Clement continued.

Praise God!

The situation looked bleak – yet Pro-Lifers didn’t give up the fight.

Abortion is a violent act that ends the life of an innocent baby.

And until every life is protected from the moment of conception, Pro-Lifers must never give up the fight.

The abortion lobby needs to learn Pro-Lifers won’t stop or give up until every baby is protected.

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