The abortion lobby’s new marketing buzz word has one fatal error

Jonathan Cutrer from San Angelo, Texas, United States, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

After decades of claiming a woman’s right to kill her baby is a “choice” – the abortion lobby has switched gears.

Hoping to bring more women to their pro-abortion camp, they’ve introduced a new buzz word on why abortion is a “good thing”.

But their new buzz word has a fatal error which will cause their entire campaign to fall flat.

“Pro-choice” is out and ‘freedom’ is the new buzz word

The abortion industry knows it’s getting more and more difficult to sell abortion to the masses.

Telling women, they have the “choice” to murder their own baby seems barbaric – even pro-abortion activists can’t deny this reality.

Especially since Pro-Lifers immediately combatted the “pro-choice” campaign by telling women to “choose life”.

So now, NARAL Pro-Choice America has switched gears – and even their own name.

The radical pro-abortion group will now be known as ‘Reproductive Freedom for All’.

But what about unborn babies?

Of course, NARAL Pro-Choice America hopes to appeal to vulnerable women by “empowering” them that they have the “freedom” over their own bodies.

But convincing a pregnant mom to kill her baby is the furthest thing from empowerment – and only leads to more trauma and pain for a woman.

Not to mention – saying abortion is “freedom” forgets one major point – what about the “freedom” for an unborn baby?

Shouldn’t an unborn baby have the freedom to be born?

Anti-life activists don’t think so.

A coordinated effort to promote false freedom

In reality, the abortion lobby wants to make women slaves by disempowering them to think abortion is their only option.

Instead of connecting them with people who can help walk alongside them during their pregnancy, or passing along resources, abortion giants like Planned Parenthood would rather profit off the blood money of abortion.

As Live Action pointed out, NARAL isn’t the only group flying the new propaganda buzz word “freedom” to replace the now dated word “choice”.

Planned Parenthood already switched to falsely claiming abortion is “reproductive freedom”.

And ironically Black Feminist Future launched a campaign called ‘Abortion is Freedom’ saying that Pro-Life laws exert “power and force” over black women, reported Live Action.

But the truth is, Planned Parenthood has racist roots as their founder Margaret Sanger was a racist who even said disturbing statements like “We don’t want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population.”

And to this day, Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers continue to launch marketing campaigns in poor neighborhoods targeting minorities.

True freedom protects life at conception

True freedom protects the right for an unborn baby to be born.

In fact, the 14th Amendment protects the right to life for born and unborn human babies.

Life begins at conception, and slaying an innocent baby is the furthest thing from “freedom”.

And one day, God-willing, history will look back on those who advocated for killing unborn babies with the same disdain they look back at Planned Parenthood’s racist founder Margaret Sanger.

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