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The Left’s ultimate goal is legalized abortion-on-demand up until birth for any reason with zero exemptions.

They’re slowly chipping away at Pro-Life protections.

And the ACLU just filed a lawsuit that would allow any abortion to be legally justified.

The pro-abortion lobby will say or do anything to try and justify the murder of innocent unborn babies.

One of their top claims is that the “health of the mother” is in jeopardy.

Of course, there is never a medical need for an abortion.

But the radical Left is trying to expand the definition of “health of the mother” to include so-called “mental health.”

And in Indiana, the ACLU just filed a lawsuit trying to expand the definition of health of the mother to include an exemption for mental health.

Under the current law, an abortion can only be performed if there is a “serious risk of substantial and irreversible physical impairment of a major bodily function.”

However, the ACLU believes the scope of the law is “unconstitutionally narrow.”

And the goal of the lawsuit is to expand the law to include allowing a woman to have an abortion for so-called mental health conditions.  

But that’s not the only part the lawsuit seeks to change about the law.

The law currently requires abortions to take place at a hospital, but the ACLU is hoping to change that part as well.

“The hospital requirement makes abortion even more inaccessible because only a few hospitals, concentrated in the Indianapolis region, provide abortion, and they typically do so at much higher costs than abortion clinics, where nearly all abortions occurred before the ban,” the ACLU wrote in a statement.

The attorneys for the ACLU are seeking three preliminary injunctions on the abortion law.

The first two injunctions would end the enforcement of the health risk language.

The third injunction would stop the requirement that abortions be performed in a hospital.

“The fight isn’t over in Indiana,” the pro-abortion lobby wrote in a statement. “While this would be a critical step forward for reproductive freedom, it would not restore access for most people seeking abortion in Indiana,” the statement continued. “We will continue working to support Hoosiers in getting abortions — and we will continue to fight until access is fully restored.”

If the injunctions are granted, then abortion on demand for any reason will essentially become legal in Indiana, as all an abortionist will have to do is claim the mother’s “mental health” was in jeopardy.

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