The Biden Justice Department just handed out two prison sentences that should be a wake-up call to Pro-Life Americans

Joe Biden and the Democrats are hell-bent on making abortion-on-demand for any reason up until birth the law of the land in America.

They’re willing to destroy anyone who tries to stop them.

And the Biden Justice Department just handed out two prison sentences that should be a wake-up call to Pro-Life Americans.

Democrats have been out to get Pro-Life Americans ever since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade back in June of 2022.

Under the guise of enforcing the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances (FACE) Act, Joe Biden’s Justice Department is rounding up Pro-Life activists across the country and throwing them in prison.

And on Tuesday, two Pro-Life activists became the latest victims of Joe Biden’s weaponized Justice Department when a Judge handed them several years in prison for simply protesting outside of an abortion clinic in 2020.

“Two pro-life activists were sentenced to several years in prison Tuesday on charges of conspiracy against rights and violating the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act (FACE Act) stemming from a 2020 ‘rescue action’ at a Washington, D.C.-based abortion clinic,” Fox News reported. “Lauren Handy, 30, was sentenced to four years and nine months in prison for organizing the protest, while co-defendant John Hinshaw, 69, was sentenced to a year and nine months.”

It all started in 2020 after Handy and her co-defendants discovered the bodies of five babies outside of the Washington Surgi-Clinic that had been aborted in the late-term of a pregnancy.

Shocked and heartbroken, this discovery motivated Handy to organize a peaceful protest outside of the abortion clinic back in October of 2020.

But in Joe Biden’s America, peacefully attempting to stop the murder of unborn babies has become a crime that carries a severe punishment.

“Her strongly held anti-abortion beliefs led her to devise a plan to block access to the Surgi-clinic,” prosecutors wrote. “The blockade, which was broadcast to Handy’s legion of followers, encouraged others to commit similar crimes, publicized her own offense, and traumatized the victims.”

Handy’s defense team asked for a prison sentence of just one year.

And they were shocked when the Judge handed down the outrageous sentence to Handy.

Thomas More Society Senior Counsel Steve Crampton said, “this is not the America I know.”

“Not only did the judge read out this really harsh sentence, but she had the audacity to lecture Lauren Handy about her lack of compassion for the women who were going in to kill their children,” he added.

The Judge claimed that she was being punished for her actions and not her beliefs.

“The law does not protect violent nor obstructive conduct, nor should it,” Judge Kollar-Kotelly said.

But Crampton pointed to the anti-Zionist demonstrations taking place on college campuses across the country and compared how Joe Biden treats them compared to his treatment of Pro-Life Americans.

“The contrast here with the Pro-Palestine folks shutting down the colleges and even preventing graduation ceremonies, and blocking entire highways and interstates in addition to the ongoing attacks, yet there are virtually no ongoing investigations,” he said. “I think there’s kind of a palpable sense of selective prosecution elements that can’t be ignored here.”

The Biden administration is waging an all-out war on religious freedom and the sanctity of life.

But Pro-Life Americans should not cower in fear.

Instead, they should unite together and stand up and defend the freedoms that the Biden administration is trying to destroy.

And they should all turn out and vote in November for candidates who believe in the sanctity of life.

Pro-Life Press will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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