The British Parliament just passed the first ever “thought crime” law and you won’t believe who it targets

Photo by Ric Rodrigues from Pexels

So-called “thought crimes” were always considered to be a wild conspiracy theory and the stuff of science fiction.

But these days it seems anything goes in the effort to silence certain beliefs.

And the British Parliament just passed the first ever “thought crime” law and you won’t believe who it targets.

Thoughtcrime is a word coined by renowned author George Orwell in his 1949 novel, 1984

The word describes a person’s thoughts, which are considered by the ruling elites and socialist governments as politically unorthodox. 

1984 was supposed to be a work of fiction

Orwell likely never dreamed his dystopian novel would become reality, just a few decades after the actual year 1984.

He probably certainly never believed thoughtcrime would ever really become a crime.

But now, thanks to the British Parliament, thoughtcrime is here, and scarier than Orwell could have imagined.

Because now, every person in Britain who silently prays near an abortion center will be arrested.

The British parliament passed a law recently that criminalizes silent prayer as a form of forbidden “intimidation.”

That’s right, apparently, it’s intimidating to pray silently, even if you are praying for a good grade, or asking forgiveness.

To the Brits, it doesn’t matter, they will decide what they think you were praying for, and you will be punished.

It’s Orwell’s worst fears come true.

Surreal footage defending prayer

Here is the surreal footage of British MP, Sir John Hayes, having to argue that it is wrong to outlaw prayer.

Unfortunately, Sir Hayes lost the battle reminiscent of actions in the 1500s that first brought Christians from England to America.

Clause 10 (formerly Clause 9) of the Public Order Bill will criminalize any form of “influence” outside of abortion centers. 

It is now clear that this undue influence will include even silent prayers, no matter what they might be about.  

An amendment to permit both silent prayer and consensual conversations within the censorship zones was sensibly proposed by MP Andrew Lewer but failed to pass 116 to 299.

The final bill was then approved by an identical 299-116 vote.

That means Great Britain has now put in place the first thoughtcrime, making George Orwell not a novelist, but a prophet.

And making Pro-Lifers the target of even more harassment and government persecution.

Gross double standard 

What makes this new law even more despicable is the double standard it puts into place.

As many commentators have been pointing out, while Parliament criminalized even silent prayer outside of abortion clinics, large gatherings of Muslims are still allowed to block entire city blocks while performing their public, and very audible, prayers.

So not only are Pro-Lifers being targeted but so are Christians in particular.

Maybe British Pro-Life activists should reach out to Muslim Pro-Lifers, and ask them to hold their prayer meetings outside of abortion clinics.

While it does nothing to fix the law, maybe someone would see the utter absurdity of Parliament’s actions.

The attack on Christians is growing, and Britain seems to be interested in leading the charge.

Pro-Life Press will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.