The brutality of a new abortion law in this state will leave you full of righteous anger 

Ptrump16, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

One state is so determined to kill babies – they passed the most radical pro-abortion law America has ever seen.

The new law is so extreme, even self-professed “pro-choice” Americans are shaking their heads in disgust.

And once you hear the brutal details of this new abortion law you’ll be full of righteous anger. 

Murdering a 40-week-old unborn baby 

Abortion is a violent and brutal act at any point during a woman’s pregnancy.

But in Maine, pro-abortion Governor Janet Mills signed legislation officially making it legal to kill a child right up until birth.

Meaning, if a 40-week-old baby is given a “life-limiting” diagnosis, at the doctor’s discretion, the baby can be killed.


Yet Mills thinks the legislation is the greatest thing in the world, and defended her decision to sign it.

Before signing the bill, Mills said “Maine is following best medical practice by modernizing our laws to get politicians out of reproductive health care and to make clear that the difficult decision of whether to have an abortion later in pregnancy will be made by a woman and her doctor, not anyone else.”

Of course, it is never medically necessary to abort a baby.

And even if a baby has a medical diagnosis that could cause physical or intellectual impairments – that baby deserves the right to live just like every other baby. 

Too brutal even for diehard abortion activists 

Maine’s new abortion law is so extreme, even abortion advocates are disturbed at just how far it goes.

Third-trimester abortions can take multiple days to complete due to the large size of the unborn baby.

Live Action described the harrowing details of what a late-term abortion actually entails. 

“The mother may first take mifepristone, which is a drug that starves the child of nutrients it needs to survive. This may not necessarily kill the child, so the abortionist then inserts a needle filled with digoxin or another lethal substance through the mother’s abdomen or vagina,” Live Action reported.  

“As the digoxin reaches the child through its amniotic fluid, it causes fetal cardiac arrest. It may take several days for the child to die this way. To hasten the child’s demise, the abortionist may directly inject the child with the needle. After the child dies, the abortionist induces labor and causes her to deliver her child’s body,” Live Action continued. 

In addition to the baby losing its life, women are guaranteed to experience trauma that could last a lifetime.

It is unnatural for a mother to kill her own baby – and a 2-3-day procedure of helping a woman kill her own baby is truly barbaric.

The abortion lobby celebrates their latest kill

As Pro-Lifers continue to pass legislation saving the lives of unborn babies, the abortion lobby does just the opposite.

They’ve proven time and time again they will go as far as needed to push their agenda – whether smuggling in abortion drugs from Mexico or allowing 40-week-old babies to be killed.

Governor Janet Mills has the blood of unborn babies on her hands – as does every politician who voted for this wicked bill.

Now more than ever, Pro-Lifers must organize to elect solid Pro-Life candidates to every level of government – the lives of future generations depend on it. 

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