The details of this “wrongful birth” lawsuit will leave your head spinning in disbelief


An eager couple was excited to meet their unborn daughter.

But after she was born, and they took one look at her they suddenly changed their minds.

And now their “wrongful birth” lawsuit will leave your head spinning in disbelief.

Parents upset their baby has a disability

When an Austrian couple learned they were having a baby together – they were thrilled to meet their precious daughter.

But when their daughter was born with physical disabilities, the parents suddenly changed their tune.

The Austrian newspaper Kleine Zeitung stated “The girl was born without her left arm. The left chest and shoulder area is also malformed and the collarbone is shortened. The desperate parents asked themselves: How could the gynecologist miss this malformation during the ultrasound scans? He even noted twice that the fetus had both arms and legs.”

Instead of loving their daughter just how she was – the enraged couple was furious the doctor didn’t tell them about the disability.

They claimed if they knew their daughter had a disability, they would have aborted her.

A doctor is sued for “wrongful birth”

The parents were determined to get revenge on the doctor who delivered their baby, so they filed a lawsuit demanding the doctor pay child support and for the treatment and therapy the child would need.


But instead of throwing out the lawsuit, the first court actually sided with the parents, and ordered the doctor to pay $83,000 and all future costs.

The doctor appealed, but he lost.

All he did was do his job – and deliver a baby.

But in today’s pro-abortion culture – apparently this is a crime. 

The court claimed had the parents known their baby would be born with severe disabilities, they would have aborted the baby, but the doctor took this “right” away from them. 

Instead of chastising the parents for wanting their own baby dead, the court was focused on the parents’ “right to decide autonomously” if they wanted the baby.

Exploiting prenatal testing to kill

The abortion lobby is determined to make sure no parent has to raise a child with a disability ever again.

A dark new trend is sweeping the world where pro-aborts exploit prenatal testing to determine if a baby should live or die.

Prenatal testing is typically done to identify any concerns so an unborn baby can receive proper care while still in the womb.

But the abortion lobby is using it as a weapon to insist if a baby has a disability, it is automatically grounds for an abortion.

And in many cases, their devious plan is working.

One can’t imagine the pain the little girl from Austria will experience when she grows older and learns that her parents were famous for wishing they had killed her.

Every baby deserves the chance at life and is worthy of love – including those with physical or intellectual disabilities.  

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