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As radical pro-abortion activists dump blood money into Ohio to expand abortion . . .

. . . the screams of women who have experienced botched abortions go ignored.

And the horrifying details of this 911 call reveal the grim reality of botched abortions.

The disturbing 911 call from an abortion facility 

The abortion lobby lies to women and leads them to believe abortion is a “safe” and harmless process.

But nothing could be further from the truth.

Women continue to be butchered and bloodied at abortions gone wrong – but their stories are often buried and kept a secret.

But as more botched abortions continue to surface – pro-aborts can no longer hide their dirty deeds.

Another abortion gone wrong

An Ohio abortion clinic in Dayton was forced to make another 911 call after a 33-year-old female was bleeding from a “complicated procedure.” 

According to Life News, this particular abortion center performs roughly 61 abortions a week . . . 

. . . 3,172 a year.


Despite the fact the abortion employees tried to downplay the abortion as a “complicated procedure” . . .

. . . there is no doubt a botched abortion caused this woman to bleed and be rushed to the hospital. 

Years of blood and carnage

Dayton Right to Life Executive Director Margie Christie commented on the latest botched abortion and said “For decades, Dayton Right to Life has been alarming the community of this facility’s medical care transgressions. Year after year, women are hospitalized and babies die at the hands of their abortionists.”

Of course, abortion staff often try to downplay the 911 calls – even going so far as to say they are just asking for “transport”.

But if there wasn’t a medical emergency, why would transport be needed?

Christie continued “If the staff dialed 911 why are they are asking for transport services? Is it a true medical emergency or just ‘transportation’ as the office caller claims? Can all Kettering citizens request transportation to a hospital of their choosing, through 911 services?”

Abortion harms women

Abortion not only ends the life of a beating heart – but it is a dangerous and violent act that often leaves a woman’s body bleeding and scarred.

Women think they are entering into an abortion clinic to endure a “safe procedure” – not realizing the danger that awaits them.

Now more than ever Pro-Lifers must continue to sound the alarm on what is going on behind closed doors at abortion clinics.

The abortion lobby might try to hide and conceal their dirty deeds – but as the truth continues to be exposed – they can no longer keep things underground and in the dark. 

Pro-Life Press will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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