The incredible story of how a preborn baby saved the life of a mother will bring you to tears

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There are countless stories of brave moms saving the lives of their unborn babies.

But this time, a precious baby saved the life of its own mother. 

And once you hear the incredible story of how this mother’s life was spared by her baby it will bring you to tears.

A healthy mom is suddenly fighting to live

Amanda Banic was a healthy pregnant mom when suddenly she experienced severe chest pains.

At 35 weeks pregnant, she didn’t want to take any risks, so she went to the hospital.

Amanda described the pain to Today like “a knife” shredding through her.

But instead of taking her pain seriously, the hospital sent her home thinking it was just anxiety or indigestion.

Amanda’s pain got worse, and it got so bad her vision became blurry.

Her worried husband insisted she go back.

An emergency c-section

After returning, the doctors discovered her aorta, the largest blood vessel was torn – a serious condition that is often fatal.

Doctors immediately rushed Amanda into the operating room to perform an emergency c-section to deliver her baby girl, Baylor.

Thankfully, Baylor was healthy, but doctors warned Amanda’s family that because of her condition, Amanda might not survive.

Amanda was in and out of consciousness, but the team felt strongly for the baby and mother to have skin-to-skin contact.

Skin-to-skin contact saved this mom

It’s well-known skin-to-skin contact between a mother and a baby releases the hormone oxytocin which helps bond the mother and baby together.

Amanda said, “Some of the only times I would react on life support was when they would do skin-to-skin with [Baylor], and apparently I would cry when they would do that,” reported Good Morning America.

“Love is a powerful thing, and the bond between a mother and a baby, it’s unreal,” Amanda continued.

By God’s grace, Amanda survived, and that is when doctors told her how Baylor saved her life in more ways than one.

“Because of the way I dissected, she kind of was in there, essentially holding everything together,” said Amanda.

“Had she not been in there putting the pressure on all the right places, my outcome may have been very different, so she’s kind of a little miracle, in more ways than one,” she continued.

What a miracle!

God’s design for the human body from conception to birth is truly perfect.

This story could have had a tragic twist – but both Amanda and her sweet baby Baylor survived and their testimony is yet another example of how medical interventions can work to save the lives of both a mother and her baby. 

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